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horizon Samrat Sharma
Guerrilla Games released a new patch for the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn helping quell some of the crashes to the game We have some of the bigger notes from it below, but you can read the full list here Essentially the game has been experiencing issues staying active in certain areas, and with[...]
Horizon Forbidden West Gets An Announcement Trailer
During the PS5 Reveal livestream today, Guerrilla Games dropped a bombshell on us with an announcement trailer for Horizon Forbidden West The company did a great job of showing off what was to come in this much-0anticipated sequel, but they didn't really go into great detail about what we could expect Below is the grand[...]
"Horizon Zero Dawn" is Officially Coming to PC
The open-world adventure will be joining Death Stranding as the latest ex-PlayStation 4 exclusive to be making its way to a new platform. Confirmation came by way of an interview from former Guerrilla Games managing director Sony Worldwide Studios. "Yes, I can confirm that Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC this summer," he said during the[...]
horizon Samrat Sharma
Below is a quote from a Reddit post which had a clip of her comments, but the clip has sadly been removed by Twitch. credit//Guerrilla Games She was talking to a fan at Star Wars celebration cosplaying as her Battlefront character Iden Versio, to where the cosplayer mentioned that she got her into playing Horizon Zero Dawn[...]
Guerrilla Games Reportedly Poaching Rainbow Six Siege Devs
It appears there's a secret project in the works at Guerrilla Games, and the company is going after some very specific talent to make it happen According to Push Square, the company has been recruiting, poaching, cherry picking, Whatever way you wish to put it, talent from the Rainbow Six Siege team Here's a brief snippet from[...]
horizon Samrat Sharma
Good news if you're looking to get a job in the gaming industry as a writer: Guerrilla Games (the people behind Horizon Zero Dawn) is looking to hire two new writers for what appears to be a brand-new RPG title The two specific positions are for just a regular Writer and a Senior Writer, the[...]
horizon Samrat Sharma
After recently passing 7.6 million sales, Guerrilla Games is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Horizon Zero Dawn and their fanbase with a new video and updated player stats We have the video for you below, along with a new stats sheet that the developers created to show off some interesting numbers during the game's first year[...]
horizon Samrat Sharma
The producer in question is Samrat Sharma, who was part of Guerrilla Games' Horizon team, and held positions at Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft prior to his work at Guerrilla Games. As reports: "I am excited to join the team at Ubisoft Toronto who are working on some very interesting games, and offer me a chance to continue[...]
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Guerrilla Games has taken home a win from the Writers Guild of America's annual WGA Awards for best video game writing which should come as no major surprise to anyone who has played the game. The Writers Guild of America awards are an annual celebration rewarding movies, video games and TV categories for their writing. Horizon: Zero[...]
Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Gets A Launch Trailer
Before the latest expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn is unleashed and makes you feel the chill of winter before a drop of snow hits the ground, Sony and Guerrilla Games have released a launch trailer for The Frozen Wilds to enjoy The trailer breathes life into the story and shows just how much of a badass[...]
horizon Samrat Sharma
credit//Guerrilla Games Dutch company VPRO has just released a 45-minute documentary that goes behind the scenes at Guerrilla Games to show us all the cool tricks they used to make Horizon Zero Dawn look amazing Honestly, this is pretty amazing as it shows you exactly how the world is rendered so that your vision of what lies ahead[...]
The Importance Of Aloy
I was really excited to check out Horizon from Guerrilla Games When I first started the game I was a bit apprehensive about how the main character was going to be handled Knowing she is the main character in the game, I knew she was going to be a badass I mean, she is fighting giant[...]
Horizon: Zero Dawn Has Gone Gold
The developer tweeted out the milestone, saying: ???????????????????????? — Guerrilla Games (@Guerrilla) January 31, 2017 In the grand scheme of things this doesn't mean too much as the game will still be worked on until and past release, but it does mean, no more delays are going to be happening and the game definitely set for its[...]