Horizon: Zero Dawn Is The Hardest Project Guerrilla Has Ever Worked On


Coming out of E3, Horizon: Zero Dawn was probably the AAA game that impressed me most. The idea of a broken future where man has reverted back to cave people fighting robot Dinosaurs? I'm in.

The game has been a tough one for Guerrilla Games though. After leaving their comfort zone of Killzone in their past, the developer has now changed perspective and genre to make Horizon. According to  managing director Hermen Hulst, who was speaking to Edge Magazine (via Games Radar), it is the hardest project the studio has ever taken on.

After we shipped Killzone: Shadow Fall, and we'd been through the hoopla of doing a launch title, I thought that was going to be the toughest thing we'd ever do. It pales in comparison to this. This is so much more challenging on the team in every single way. But I find that doing something that is this refreshing, and that is supported so strongly by the development team, is probably even more important to the success of a title than how far you are out of your comfort zone. I feel a sense of love for this project among the team, and maybe that sounds corny, but it's really empowering.

I really do hope that enthusiasm of being away from Killzone and working on something new comes across in the game. I have huge hopes for the title.

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