Horizon: Zero Dawn Won't Render In Native 4K But Guerrilla Games Says You Won't Notice


There have been a lot of caveats slowly trickling out about PlayStation Pro since it was announced yesterday. No UHD Blu Ray drive, locked 30fps multiplayer for games and no garuntee on improved framerates have all marred the advent of 4K console gaming. No one big problem, but it's stuff that is certainly adding up.

And here is one other asterix to the 4K line. At least for Horizon: Zero Dawn, it seems the game won't actually be in 4k. However, don't freak out yet. Speaking during a roundtable (via GameSpot), Guerrilla Games art director Jan-Bart Van Beek confirmed that assets in the games wouldn't be rendered in 4K but cautioned that it shouldn't be noticable. He said:

It's not native 4K. It is perceptively so close that you wouldn't be able to see the difference with normal human eyes.

Who knows if you would or wouldn't, but I assume Horizon: Zero Dawn will look brilliant either way. But again, it is just another small caveat adding to a lot of paper cuts. I genuinely hope Sony can overcome it and figure out why this console is essential or figure out how to frame it as very niche, because right now, people are certainly asking questions.

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