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Activision Offering Guitar Hero Live Refunds to U.S. Customers
Did you purchase Guitar Hero Live in the United States within the past calendar year? If so, Activision is offering you a refund on the game The program is voluntary, but after you hear the reasoning, you'll probably be reading the info below and searching for some receipts The game had a pretty decent library[...]
Def Leppard Are Debuting Their New Music Video…In Guitar Hero Live
Well, this is interesting. Def Leppard and Activision have announced that the band's new music video for Dangerous will debut in Guitar Hero Live Specifically in GHTV, the game's live music channels that plays lots of band's music videos. You'll obviously be able to play along with the music video too, as is the way with the music[...]
Bleeding Cool's Game Of The Year 2015: #17 – #1
Guitar Hero Live I'm as surprised as you are that I am putting Guitar Hero so high on a Game of the Year list Especially one with this much quality throughout However, what FreeStyleGames has done to this franchise is somewhat of a revolution and it totally holds it own against its peers. The revised control system[...]
Guitar Hero Live Review: Rock It Fool!
Guitar Hero Live is Activision's swing at trying to refresh the series under the guidance of new developer leads Freestylegames And they've knocked it out the park in one try. Really, Guitar Hero Live is that good. There are quite a few changes to the game, in terms of the way it works, that won't be instantly[...]
James Franco And Lenny Kravitz Team Up In Guitar Hero Live Ad
They can feel a little forced, especially if said celebrities aren't very interested in the product. This new trailer for Guitar Hero Live featuring James Franco and Lenny Kravitz is actually pretty fun though The two seem like they are having a pretty good time, taking a few jabs at each other There is even reference to[...]
Queen, Weezer And Wolfmother Announced For Guitar Hero Live
Guitar Hero Live has really been racking up the song list over the last few weeks as Activision has used every Wednesday available to announce a slew of new tracks I think the offering is shaping up to be pretty interesting, with a lot of fun songs to play. Here is this weeks offering which seems[...]
Guitar Hero Live Reveals Tracks From Trivium, Mastodon And Marylin Manson
It's Tuesday which means that a new set of songs for Guitar Hero Live have been announced Freestylegames have been announcing new songs each week and after people were complaining that the songs that came with the original announcement were a little on the pop-y side, Activision have pulled a lot of hard rock songs[...]
Guitar Hero Live Gets 10 Announced Tracks And Will Launch With "Hundreds"
Guitar Hero Live has held my curiosity since it was announced While the package is not offering quite the deal that Rock Band 4 is, it's at least giving us something 'different' for the genre. In a Facebook post yesterday (via Gamespot), the game announced 10 new songs for the game They were: "Sing"(Ed Sheeran) "Best Day of My[...]
This Guitar Hero Live Behind The Scenes Video Shows Us More About The Game
While Rock Band 4 is bending over backwards to appease players and making all the right noises, there really is something to Guitar Hero Live that gets me excited The amount of oddball ideas like the 360 FMV and newly designed controller give it an edge and curiosity I wasn't expecting from Activision's reboot. If you[...]
Category Video Games: Episode 35 – Talking Guitar Hero Live, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Mortal Kombat X
We battled through dire Skype conditions to get our opinions on the new Guitar Hero Live, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Mortal Kombat X impressions, good ol' Michael Pachter and a whole bunch more. Give it a listen here: You can subscribe to us on iTunes here too if you want to keep up to date[...]
Guitar Hero Live Won't Work With Your Older DLC Or Instruments
Guitar Hero Live was announced yesterday, meaning the Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero fight is well and truly back on. One thing that Rock Band 4 is purporting to do is allow you to use every single Rock Band 3 DLC you've already purchased Harmonix are even looking at trying to make your older instruments compatable too. Sadly,[...]
Guitar Hero Live Revives Series And It's Quite… Different
So now we know that Guitar Hero Live is the game that will be responsible for reviving the series It was revealed today and it's quite unrecognizable from its former self. In a move that can best be described as "odd", Activision and developer FreeStyleGames have created a FMV Guitar Hero experience Which is to say, instead of[...]