Activision CEO Talks About Guitar Hero's Return And Competition With Rock Band


It's hard to know exactly which music rhythm franchise jumped first. but 2015 is going to see the return of both Rock Band and Guitar Hero. It's hard to believe that's a coincidence.

In the latest issue of Edge (via GamesRadar), Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg talked about bringing the series back and the game's competition with Rock Band. On why the franchise is coming back now, Hirshberg said:

It wasn't time-based. We made a promise to ourselves that we wouldn't bring it back unless we had a breakthrough creative innovation that was befitting of the franchise, and that we felt could rejuvenate interest in the [music] category. We really were driven by more of a creative North Star than a calendar.

When talking about the game's relationship to it's rekindled competition Rock Band, he also stated:

I would say competition's inevitable. We tend not to focus on it. We have competition in every category that we make games in. We've always focused on the same thing, which is making the best game we can. I know that sounds like a packaged answer, but it's really the truth; you can't do anything about your competition, but you can control what you're doing. That's always been our best defence – a good offence of doing interesting, creative things that gamers appreciate. I think that's what we've done here.

That's a very safe answer.

I still maintain there is a very interesting story here about how both of these games came about resurrecting at the same time, but something tells me we won't hear it any time soon.

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