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GungHo Entertainment Pushes Ninjala Back To 2020
GungHo Entertainment released a short notice letting fans know of the circumstances, which according to them will be "to implement improvements and polish the game for final release." credit//GungHo Entertainment They also released a video about the development, which you can watch below We actually played this game back at PAX West last year and had some[...]
Monster Hunter Returns to Puzzles & Dragons
credit// GungHo Entertainment For the third time, GungHo Online Entertainment is bringing back the Monster Hunter collaboration event to Puzzle & Dragons The collab event is running until May 5th, and allows players to take on the beasts of the Monster Hunter series and earn materials from successful hunts to craft gear. Alongside everything from the previous Monster Hunter Collab,[...]
let it die let it date
Grasshopper Manufacture and GungHo Entertainment have announced a dating simulator spinoff of their popular free-to-play MMO Let It Die The aptly named Let It Date is something of an April Fools' joke, but it does look like it'll be a fully playable game We're supposed to get more details on the sim later today, so we'll have[...]
Let it Die
GungHo Entertainment and Grasshopper Manufacture's Let it Die is a ridiculously campy tour-de-force that's as steeped in hypermasculine displays of violence as it is entirely self-aware To put it in simpler terms, Let it Die is compelling because it knows when not to take itself seriously, all while deadpanning through every joke And I cannot get enough[...]