Monster Hunter Returns to Puzzle & Dragons

Monster Hunter Returns to Puzzles & Dragons
credit// GungHo Entertainment

For the third time, GungHo Online Entertainment is bringing back the Monster Hunter collaboration event to Puzzle & Dragons. The collab event is running until May 5th, and allows players to take on the beasts of the Monster Hunter series and earn materials from successful hunts to craft gear.

Alongside everything from the previous Monster Hunter Collab, a slew of new monsters, evolutions, and rewards will be making their way into Puzzle & Dragons. Male Hunters will earn the all-new Auroros Gear, while Female Hunters will get their hands on Glyph Gear, all in pursuit of Yama Tsukami, Akantor, and many more ferocious monsters making their Puzzle & Dragons debut.

On top of being able to return to the collab dungeon, players will be able to pull from the Monster Hunter Memorial Egg Machine just for logging in. Additionally, a selection of bundles will be available, including 2 Magic Stones + Monster Hunter Egg Machine, 30 Magic Stones + ★7 Monster Hunter Egg Machine, and 15 Magic Stones + Monster Hunter Seregios Egg Machine.

The updated Monster Hunter drops for Puzzle & Dragons include:

10 Magic Stone Monster Hunter Egg Machine:


  • Black Dragon, Fatalis (NEW)
  • Yama Tsukami (NEW)
  • Akantor (NEW)
  • Amatsu
  • Massacre Demon Diablos
  • Thunderlord Zinogre
  • Nergigante


  • Gore Magala (NEW)
  • Seregios (NEW)
  • Rathalos
  • Kirin
  • Glavenus
  • Mizutsune
  • Legiana
  • Valphalk (also known as Valstrax)
  • Brachydios


  • Rathian
  • Tigrex
  • Nargacuga
  • Gammoth
  • Astalos
  • Barioth
  • Paolumu

New Assist Evolutions:

  • Fatalis Blade
  • Ancient Dragonwood Cannon
  • Akantor Mutilator
  • Ächtungsblick
  • Sedition Splitter

NEW Ultimate Evolutions:

  • Male Hunter, Auroros Gear
  • Female Hunter, Glyph Gear

Monster Exchange Monsters:

  • Male Hunter, Zeus – Giga Gear
  • Female Hunter, Valkyrie – Ciel Gear

Puzzle & Dragons is available now for iOS and Android.

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