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Help – A Comic Book Kickstarter To Benefit The Hero Initiative
If you squint, you'll see my name in this list of over a hundred far better comic book creators contributing to Help! The Hero Initiative Anthology is a new graphic novel anthology created to benefit The Hero Initiative, courtesy of former Bleeding Cool editor-in-chief Hannah Means-Shannon and comics writer Omar Spahi You can see a preview[...]
Tim Seeley is the New Editor-In-Chief of Heavy Metal Magazine
And, from past experience, he's a good egg. Talking of which, we also noted the addition of Bleeding Cool former EIC, Hannah Means-Shannon as Managing Editor to the Heavy Metal masthead for the first – and presumably the only time, as she has now departed – though we understood she had been carrying out that position[...]
Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition
Can she take lessons learned at DC and apply them somewhere less restrictive? Hannah Means-Shannon (New Entry) Former EIC of Bleeding Cool, Hannah performed a very rare trick, only half-way managed recently by Tom King She fired two of her bosses Quitting Heavy Metal Magazine, alleging claims of bullying against creators by those in charge, she[...]
Hannah Means-Shannon Returns to Heavy Metal Magazine
Hannah Means-Shannon was a longstanding contributor at Bleeding Cool and its editor-in-chief for two years She then worked at Dark Horse Comics, was EIC for Comicon.com and as a Senior Editor for the longstanding sc-fi and fantasy comics anthology Heavy Metal Magazine. Last month, Bleeding Cool reported ructions at Heavy Metal, and reprinted Hannah Means-Shannon's open letter that[...]
Hannah Means-Shannon Leaves Dark Horse Comics For Pastures New
Hannah Means-Shannon was editor-in-chief for Bleeding Cool for two years before taking an editorial job at Dark Horse Comics in Portland, and moving from New Jersey. She now is not only leaving Dark Horse – but Portland as well. She writes on Tumblr, A few people, mainly professionals in the industry, have been contacting me with nice messages[...]
"Love Echoes In All Of Us" Don't Miss Out On The Infinite Loop TP From IDW
of Bleeding Cool (now an editor at Dark Horse), Hannah Means-Shannon, had a chat with the creative team about The Infinite Loop When asked about the universal appeal of the book, Elsa Charretier answered: "I think the two main themes, love and the fight for our basic right to love, can resonate in everyone's heart[...]
Hannah Means-Shannon Joins Dark Horse Comics, As They Hire Four New Staffers
Ex-EIC of Bleeding Cool, Hannah Means-Shannon has been posting about her recent drive from New Jersey across the United States And now we can see where she's been driving to. She has been announced as Associate Editor for Dark Horse Comics in Portland, alongside Bekah Caden and Rachel Roberts, while Judy Khuu has been hired as an Executive Assistant "We're extremely[...]
Learn More About How Bleeding Cool Operates On The Word Balloon Podcast
But what happens when they face each other and may not get the last word on a subject? Featuring John Siuntres (Word Balloon), Calvin Reid (Publisher's Weekly-More to Come), Mark Bernardin (Playboy.com-Fatman on Batman), John Mayo (Comic Book Page), and Jimmy Aquino (Comic News Insider). But before we head to SDCC, John Siuntres talked to me,[...]
A Look At Bleeding Cool's Panels For SDCC '15
Come by, say hi, it'll be great! Thursday, July 9th 6:30-7:30 So, The Internet Ruined My Life…What now?—Bleeding Cool's EIC Hannah Means-Shannon hosts Rich Johnston and special guests who have experienced the wrath of the Internet first hand to talk about the dangers of social media hype and recovering from notoriety[...]
Here Are All The SDCC 2015 Panels For The Wednesday And Thursday
Bleeding Cool's Chris Thompson and Hannah Means-Shannon are on a panel asking how to get your comic book news reported – and then Hannah and I are on a panel about How The Internet Ruined My Life Well, not mine, Although now you come to mention it.. So what are you going to want to look[...]
Why The Women In Comics Roundtable Was About Us And Not DCC (FULL AUDIO)
In fact the gathering was so large that it was a relief to have chairs and microphones to use rather than holding the Flashpanel somewhere impromptu. Our panelists, just for a final list were, Crystal Skillman, Trina Robbins, Amanda Conner, myself (Hannah Means-Shannon), Marguerite Bennett, Meghan Hetrick, Joëlle Jones, and Emily Singer Emily, like myself, is[...]
Visual Ballet – Talking With Lady Death's Marc Borsel About The New Series
Lady Death is returning to comics from Boundless, via an already-funded-at-200% Kickstarter (with three days to go). Bleeding Cool Editor-In-Chief, Hannah Means-Shannon talked to the comic's artist Marc Bostel about the return of Lady Death, and got a look at the process of creation in the… well, process. Here is that interview, as well as examples of the digital means[...]
The One Weird Trick for Learning About Comics – Comics Journalism With Heidi MacDonald, Brigid Alverson, Hannah Means-Shannon, Abraham Riesman, And Deb Aoki(UPDATE)
Hannah Means-Shannon (Bleeding Cool), Abraham Riesman (NY Magazine), and Deb Aoki (Publishers Weekly and mangacomicsmanga.com) gathered to discuss their experiences with the comic book world. The conversation started with a fun introduction about how all five journalists started their career in comics, and if they grew up knowing that they wanted to be involved in the[...]
Wondercon: Kelly Sue DeConnick's Bitch Planet – Out In November, Folks! (UPDATE)
Straight from the mouth of Kelly Sue DeConnick, at her panel at Wondercon (and emailed me straight from the fingers of Bleeding Cool Editor-In-Chief Hannah Means-Shannon who will no doubt provide a stunning panel report at the earliest available opportunity…) Bitch Planet, the sexploitation comic announced at Image Expo, from Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De[...]
What Does Having An Editor-in-Chief At Bleeding Cool Mean?
Hannah Means-Shannon here Firstly, let me explain that in the absence of any obvious thematic images to use for this post, I've elected to use some panels from Journey into Mystery Just because. I've been writing for the site for a while, so it's not like this is a first meeting I've written up a vasty[...]
Avatar Press Announces Bleeding Cool's First Editor-in-Chief, Hannah Means-Shannon
This was Doctor Hannah Means-Shannon's first article for Bleeding Cool, eight months ago: "Feeling Giant, Intellectual Things At An Evening With Neil Gaiman And Amanda Palmer".  A lot has happened since then. English professor and speaker of more languages than you thought existed, she has covered conventions across the country for Bleeding Cool, interviewed and reviewed[...]
When BleedingCoolNYC Met Up and Made Cunning Plans
It was Christmas in November, and best of all, the suitcase wasn't still full when I had to lug it home. In attendance were: Nikolai Fomich, reporter at SDCC 2013, NYCC 2013, and regular contributor to the site with his fiancee Min Wang, our Cosplay photographer extraordinaire Endymion Mageto, Bleeding Cool's longest running columnist Adi Tantimedh ("Look![...]