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Hardspace: Shipbreaker Adds “Salvage Your Future” Update
Focus Home Interactive has released a new update for Hardspace: Shipbreaker as you'll now have to "Salvage Your Future" The team from Blackbird Interactive released the details on Steam, as this is essentially a major update with a bunch of new content added into the game, as well as an improvement to a lot of[...]
Hardspace Shipbreaker Main Art
Focus Home Interactive and Blackbird Interactive have dropped the new Business Is Booming update into Hardspace: Shipbreaker This latest update is one of the biggest game-changing additions yet, which shouldn't come as any surprise as the game is still sitting in Early Access, so basically, every update is game-changing This one is just adding as[...]
Hardspace: Shipbreaker Gets A Halloween Event With Ghost Ships
Focus Home Interactive and Blackbird Interactive have added their own Halloween event to Hardspace: Shipbreaker this week The game may still be in early access, but it's not stopping the team from giving you a bit of a fright as they introduce The Haunted Frontier update into the game You'll be dealing with a whole[...]
Hardspace Shipbreaker Main Art
Blackbird Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have expanded the Early Access for Hardspace: Shipbreaker with a brand new mode The devs have added what they're calling the Weekly R.A.C.E., a new set of challenges taking place on a weekly bases for you to take part in and gain some achievements and respect in the community[...]
Focus Home Interactive Reveals Their PAX East 2020 Lineup
The four big games they're bringing with them this weekend are Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Othercide, Curse of the Dead Gods, and Insurgency: Sandstorm All of which will be playable for all those who can get in line to try them out We got more info on all four and links to their trailers for you below[...]
Focus Home Interactive & Blackbird Interactive Announce "Hardspace: Shipbreaker"
Focus Home Interactive and Blackbird Interactive have announced a new game prior to PAX East as they reveal Hardspace: Shipbreaker The game is going to be a sandbox creative title with true-to-life physics involved, as you throw on a spacesuit and salvage junk from ships in space Including tearing the entire ship apart for scrap[...]