Hardspace: Shipbreaker Gets New Ships In Latest Update

Focus Entertainment and Blackbird Interactive have added a new update to Hardspace: Shipbreaker with double-decker ships. The game is still in Early Access and is getting updates regularly, which includes new additions that help make things a little more awesome than before. The 0.7.0 Update has gone live today, which includes the new Atlas-Class ships with three specific models to choose from in the Patrol, Cargo, and Tug Atlas. We have more info below on the new ships and a video showing them off.

Double-decker ships come to Hardspace: Shipbreaker, courtesy of Focus Entertainment.
Double-decker ships come to Hardspace: Shipbreaker, courtesy of Focus Entertainment.

A true workhorse line of ships, the Atlas-Class is purpose-built for a variety of industrial roles, and has been in service across the colonies for decades. We've designed this class to bridge the difficulty and complexity gap between Mackerels and Javelins. The Atlas greatly improves the variety of ships early in the game, bringing a few new challenges of its own to Players, such as a two-floor layout, which challenges Shipbreakers to think as much vertically as horizontally. As well, their manufacturer Starleap Heavy Industries outfits them with its proprietary Quasar Thrusters, which are so massive that Shipbreakers have to crawl inside them to access the fuel system and to separate the thruster shell. Take note that accessing the interior via the thruster nozzle will cause the fuel lines to become unstable, so act quickly to reach the fuel flush switch at the back!

  • Shipbreakers will unlock the first model of Atlas, the Scout, at Rank 4. With an incredible top-speed, high maneuverability, and enough interior space for living quarters or small cargo, the Scout is popular with government patrols, search and rescue, private security, asteroid prospecting or small-scale research. Shipbreakers should be aware of high amounts of electrical hazards, in addition to the two Quasar Thrusters that give this ship it's oomph.
  • At Rank 6, Shipbreakers gain access to the Nomad, a long-haul cargo ship. With ample interior cargo space, and a modular exterior cargo rack, the Nomad and it's three Quasar Thrusters move cargo quickly! In interplanetary terms, that can still be a heck of a long time, and so the Nomad is also outfitted with a fully-equipped sleeper cabin; a hauler's home-away-from-home.
  • Rank 8 brings the final Atlas ship model: the Roustabout tug. Quad Quasar Thrusters make this the most powerful model in the Atlas line, and an essential vehicle for everything from asteroid felling and station construction, to demolition and towing salvage. This many thrusters requires a lot of power and fuel, so beware of the Roustabout's large amount of fuel and electrical hazards.

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