Hardspace: Shipbreaker Unveils New Trailer Before Console Release

Focus Entertainment dropped a new trailer for Hardspace: Shipbreaker this week before they release the game on consoles. Along with developers Blackbird Interactive, the team has put together a gameplay overview trailer that will give you the finer points of how this one will work on consoles. The game has already been out on PC for a few months, and while the majority of it will remain the same for PlayStation and Xbox players, there are some subtle differences you'll have to get used to in case you're switching over from the version that's already out. You can check out the entire video below as the game will be released for both platforms, as well as Xbox Game Pass, on September 20th.

Hardspace Shipbreaker Main Art
Credit: Focus Entertainment

Get ready to explore the world of a blue-collar worker salvaging the dangerous husks of decommissioned spaceships. You'll cut, pull apart and destroy all manner of vessels while contending with reactive, true-to-life, zero-g physics. With several classes of procedurally designed ships, from small transports to large freighters, every vessel is a unique and open-ended challenge for your creative thinking.

Experience a thrilling campaign in Hardspace: Shipbreaker where your employer – the LYNX Megacorporation – may not be your friend, and your coworkers may be the only people you can trust. Upgrade your tools, take on more and more valuable ships, and recover hazardous materials to pay back your astronomical debt to the Lynx company – without blowing yourself up in the process. Take a break from the day-to-day work of a shipbreaker and flex your skills in competitive challenges against other players in the R.A.C.E. game mode leaderboards. And if you want to simply relax, hone your technique or just enjoy the calming, meditative nature of high-stakes salvage, you can play on any ship with no limits in the Freeplay game mode.

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