Hardspace: Shipbreaker Receives The "Business Is Booming" Update

Focus Home Interactive and Blackbird Interactive have dropped the new Business Is Booming update into Hardspace: Shipbreaker. This latest update is one of the biggest game-changing additions yet, which shouldn't come as any surprise as the game is still sitting in Early Access, so basically, every update is game-changing. This one is just adding as much extra content as they can as they have included new ships, components, game modes, leaderboards, and cosmetic options. As well as several additions that have been implemented die in part to direct community feedback. You can read more about it below and check out the latest trailer showing it off.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker is still a business, and let me tell you, businesses a boomin! Courtesy of Focus Home Interactive.
Hardspace: Shipbreaker is still a business, and let me tell you, businesses a boomin! Courtesy of Focus Home Interactive.

We are back with a new update spicing up your daily life at LYNX Corp! On top of our brand new Javelin-Class, cutters can now use a new tool: the Demo Charge! To celebrate with every employee out there, new stickers have been added and our Tool Durability system and selection has been updated and revamped! LYNX Corp. has acquired the salvage rights to a new line of decommissioned ships! Say hello to the Helix Industries Javelin-Class starship. These vessels leverage a system of highly-modular radial segments in their construction, providing for a large variety of sizes and functions. Unlike other ship designs, the Javelin has many externally exposed components and subsystems, the extraction of which will require becoming familiar with the Javelin's network of external support structures. Interior space on Javelin-Class ships is limited, and maneuverability can be challenging. Cutters are encouraged to read up on the effects of extreme claustrophobia and the recommended breathing exercises. Always be sure to have an escape route planned while working inside these confined spaces; you may need to get out in a hurry.

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