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vagrant queen
DeSanto and Damian Wassel on behalf of Vault Comics. SYFY First published in 2018, here's a look at the Vault Comics title from author Magdelene Visaggio, illustrator Jason Smith, colorist Harry Saxon, and letterer Zakk Saam: Vault Comics Former child queen Elida was driven from her throne at age ten and forced to wander the galaxy, evading the revolutionary[...]
Vagrant Queen #3 cover by Jason Smith
She has self-preservation instincts and goals of her own. Vagrant Queen #3 art by Jason Smith and Harry Saxon Jason Smith once again contributes good artwork, giving the universe of Vagrant Queen a distinct and gritty aesthetic to match the rogues and scoundrels our story follows Action and emotion are especially depicted well Harry Saxon is a[...]
Vagrant Queen #2 cover by Natasha Alterici
Harry Saxon's color work is well blended and adds depth and atmosphere to the proceedings. Vagrant Queen #2 is a fast-moving and charismatic action romp set in the space opera setting established last issue Magdalene Visaggio has set up something both intriguing and a lot of fun with this book, and I'm fully on board with[...]
Vagrant Queen #1 cover by Natasha Alterici
It will likely be pretty damn good. Vagrant Queen #1 art by Jason Smith and Harry Saxon [user_id] The artist is Jason Smith, and he provides a stylized and exaggerated style where characters do lean on cartoonish designs It works for the fast-talking and fast-moving tone of the book The alien designs are quite good too[...]