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GameStop to Trial Selling Monthly Comics in Ten Days
Once upon a time, James Parker took the Hastings chain and put direct market comics into the chain store, creating hundreds of new comic stores ordering from Diamond Comic Distributors And, it seems, that side of the firm worked really well, launching exclusive cover variants even as the rest of the store atrophied, and the stores closed. But[...]
Pink Slips On All Funko And Diamond Comics And Toys At Hastings Today
This is the Wichita Falls, Texas branch of entertainment store Hastings This was the first to make the expansion into comics and collectibles back in 2009. And this is where it seems to end, as the company goes into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection See all those pink slips everywhere? Today, Hastings has ordered their staff to take[...]
Will Hastings Sell Two Weeks Of Comics Tomorrow?  Including Han Solo #1 And Batman #1 Exclusives
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUY4kK0rBdIVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Hastings And Comics Tomorrow, For Bleeding Cool (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUY4kK0rBdI) Last week, the entertainment chain Hastings did not get their direct market comic books  including their retailer exclusive cover variants of Han Solo #1 and Batman #1 from Diamond Comic Distributors[...]
Hastings, The Largest Comic Book Chain In America, Is In Trouble
By Ian Melton News broke on Friday that Hastings Entertainment Superstore is changing their policies at all of their stores throughout the United States and that layoffs and store closings may be in the companies' future as they search for investors to put capital back into the business.  As well as making employees and the public[...]
Hastings And Valiant Team For Comics College
Hastings stores across the country are teaming with Valiant Entertainment for a four-week Comics College This follows up on last years The Craft of Comics series and will be broadcasted into 140 locations nationwide starting Saturday January 30th and running through Saturday February 20th Each class will feature a Valiant writer or illustrator demonstrating the[...]
Valiant And Hastings Create Live Streaming Events Every Saturday
We mentioned that the planned Local Comic Shop Day event from ComicPRO for November had been engineered with a "No Hastings" clause. Well, Hastings seems to have noticed, and have engineered their own series of days instead with Valiant Entertainment. Hastings will be live steaming a Q&A with Valiant to all of their 140 stores every Satirday[...]
Here's The Hastings Star Wars #1 Variant Cover – That's No. 63
Time to add another to the big list – from retail chain Hastings Up on the website any second now I shouldn't doubt Time to add it to the big list! Time to add another to the big list – from retail chain Hastings Up on the website any second now I shouldn't doubt Time[...]
Cover Feature: Hastings And Gamestop's SHIELD, Manga Big Hero 6 And Doctor Who
#1 out on Wednesday, while on the right is the Hastings version. They join a bunch of other variants… With another one-per-store B&W Party variant to join Deadpool's colour standard Party version… Ooh look at that, that cover, as well as "cumin", has Terrigen Mists as an ingredient… instead of tarragon perhaps? That's a total of 13 covers[...]
When Deadpool Macks On To The New Thor – 8 Exclusive Covers From Hastings
The largest direct market comic store in the US, Hastings, has a batch of new variant editions for upcoming Marvel, Image and IDW titles… let's take a peek. Deadpool welcomes the new female Thor to the Marvel Universe as you might expect. And sees off Wolverine as… you might not expect.   We get to identify another of the[...]
Exclusive Swamp Thing Sofubi Vinyl Figure From Hastings, If You Have $150 Spare
Exclusive to Hastings, it is sporting a $150 price tag. The swamp creature features a mold by Bear Model and a paint design by Frenzy, combining to give the character a unique look Swamp Thing stands over 12inches tall (the first oversized DC Sofubi from MEDICOM!) and comes inside an American classic-style window box package with[...]
Cover Variance: Wolverine Labbit Vs My Little Pony – Who'd Win?
Two upcoming variant covers from Hastings, a Marvel Wolverine Labbit to kick off the new Wolverines series, and a My Little Pony… Two upcoming variant covers from Hastings, a Marvel Wolverine Labbit to kick off the new Wolverines series, and a My Little Pony… Two upcoming variant covers from Hastings, a Marvel Wolverine Labbit to[...]
Cover Variance: Labbits Come To Marvel, Via Hastings
Hastings, the largest direct market comic book store chain in the world, has announced a new run of exclusive covers, in a deal with Marvel and Kidrobot They begin with Superior Spider-Man and feature the Marvel range of Labbit vinyl toys, the first featuring Venom They will continue to Captain America, Wolverine and more, six[...]
Bargain Of The Day: Fall Of The Mutants Omnibus Down From $100 To $16
It may be used, but reports on conditions have been positive. Hastings is selling the $1o0 Fall Of The Mutants X-Men Omnibus for $15 if you add the DEALOFTHEDAY codeword when picking it up, plus a dollar postage. It is selling on Amazon.com new for $90 and used copies for over $40. So… a pretty good way to[...]
Cover Variance: Jim Lee's Sandman
After announcing DCBS and Things From Another World as their first comic store corporate sponsors, they will be giving exclusive CBLDF variant covers to retailer members who sign up. This includes a variant of Sandman Overture #1 by Jim Lee and a Comics Code-style variant cover of Mighty Avengers #1. Retailer membership costs from $100 a year. [...]