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Speaking with Deadline Hollywood in addition to confirming that she won't return for season two, the director broke down and clarified Jonathan Majors' role in the season finale as He Who Remains and the comic tie ins his character may or may not be involved with. Image: Screencap The first question asked since it's been pretty well-established[...]
With Disney+ and Marvel Studios' Tom Hiddleston-starring Loki having wrapped up its first season run last week (yup, there's a second season on the way but more on who won't be part of it in a minute), it feels only appropriate that He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors) be the recipient of the final character profile key[...]
Loki Episode 3 Review: Talking About Feelings
Consider this us throwing on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign for what's possibly to come in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The major reveal is that "He Who Remains", played by Jonathan Majors is the one behind the TVA When confronted by both Lokis, he tells them a story about how the organization is[...]