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Hellbound: Tudum Confirms Season 2 of Webtoon Horror Series
Korean horror series Hellbound is returning for a second season, because the sheer number of people bound for hell seems to be boundless, at least in Korea, anyway The upcoming continuation of this critically acclaimed series was revealed today at Tudum, the Netflix Global Fan event, and fans can look forward to Season 2 exploring[...]
Hellbound is being hyped as a major new horror event for fans everywhere It's Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho's first horror TV series Netflix wants everyone to know by pushing for more visibility, so they've released character posters for each of the main cast, which is an honour that streamers give to major series[...]
Hellbound: Horror Series from Train to Busan Director November-Bound
Hellbound is Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho's first TV series, and horror fans are excited about its impending premiere on Netflix Yeon co-wrote and directed the 6-part series, which runs the gamut of religious cults, harbingers of hell, sinners, and the Korean brand of Catholicism, evil cult leaders! Directed by Yeon Sang-ho, written by Yeon[...]
Retro PC Shooter Hellbound Receives A Gameplay Trailer & Release Date
Argentinian developer Saibot Studios and publisher Nimble Giant revealed a new gameplay trailer and release date today for Hellbound The devs released what is essentially a tour de force of their game as you get over six minutes of content in the video we have for you at the bottom For those of you who[...]
From the Rumor Mill: Is Hellbound Getting Delayed Until 2019?
A little bit of odd news this morning revolving around the game Hellbound this morning, as several outlets are reporting that the game is being delayed until 2019 The primary news came from DualShockers, who is the biggest website to report on it, Saibot Studio apparently made an announcement that the game would be delayed[...]
Panini's Highway To Hell Coming To The U.S. As Hellbound
Dark Horse is bringing Panini's Highway to Hell to America this coming September with Hellbound Victor Gischler (Angel & Faith), Davide Dileo, and Riccardo Burchielli (DMZ), will release a graphic novel version that promises to bring a whole new level of horror to English-speaking audiences Reminiscent of True Detective and From Hell, Hellbound follows the[...]