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Halloween Fans: The Michael Myers of Your Dreams is Here From Prime 1 Studio

Halloween Fans: The Michael Myers of Your Dreams is Here From Prime 1 Studio

Halloween fans and collectors are legion, and today Prime 1 Studio is taking preorders for the Michael Myers statue of our dreams. The legendary slasher stands 42 inches tall, and features an extremely detailed sculpt. Michael is posed on a porch base, and is based on his look from the original 1978 horror classic Halloween. […]

Sideshow Collectibles Brings Batman Beyond To The Present

Batman collectibles are on fire this week! This time, Bruce Wayne stands aside and lets Terry McGinnis take charge as the Batman of the future! Sideshow Collectibles does it again with another amazing premium format statue, the 21" statue shows off a detailed, muscular and live action look at animated character. His base shows off […]

Scarecrow Premium Format Figure Up for Order at Sideshow Collectibles

Scarecrow Premium Format Figure Up for Order at Sideshow Collectibles

Scarcrow fans, your time is now. Up for order currently is a new Premium Format Figure of Batman's nightmare-inducing villain. Two different versions of this one are available, a regular release and an exclusive with a alternative Nightmare portrait. Both come posed on a detailed base that sees a zombie Jason Todd rising from the […]

Joker Ikemen Statue Up For Order Form Kotobukiya

Joker Ikemen Statue Up For Order Form Kotobukiya

Joker is the latest Bat Family character to get an Ikemen statue from Kotobukiya. The male version of their popular Bishoujo statue line, Ikemen translates to "good looking man". More of a cheescake look, the past statues in this line of Nightwing and Jason Todd were very, very popular, and I imagine the Joker will […]

SDCC 2019 Previews Exclusives TMNT, Batman Damned, Ghostbusters, and More!

SDCC 2019 Previews Exclusives: Deadpool, TMNT, Batman Damned, Ghostbusters, and More!

SDCC 2019 exclusives are starting to be revealed, and first up is Previews World and Diamond Select Toys! They have tons and tons of exclusives this year, including Gallery statues of Captain Marvel, Flash, and Deadpool, other statues of X-23, Batman from Batman: Damned, and a Deadpool head bust. A cool Mikey-as-Batman TMNT figure, a […]

Dynamite Kickstarter For José González Vampirella Statue is Live

Vampirella fans will want to check out this new statue based on the iconic artwork of José González. They are running a Kickstarter to get the statue made right now, featuring tons of awesome backer goals and of course, the statue. It features Vampirella in the 1/6th scale, with a bat perched on her finger, […]

'Shadow of the Colossus' First Colossus Gets a Statue From Prime 1 Studios

'Shadow of the Colossus' First Colossus Gets a Statue From Prime 1 Studios

Shadow of the Colossus fans will have a new First Colossus statue to add to their game displays next summer from Prime 1 Studios. The statue will come in two versions- a regular release and an exclusive version that comes with the Wanderer's horse Argo. Both will stand 18 inches tall, and will come with […]

High End Mario and Yoshi Statue Coming in 2020 From First 4 Figures

Mario and his best pal Yoshi have a pretty cool statue coming…kinda soon from First 4 Figures. The $500 statue stands at 19 inches tall and is made of resin. It features Mario and Yoshi in their familiar pose with the plumber on his back. They are posed on a familiar grass covered stone platform […]

Sideshow Lobo Maquette 2

Lobo Gets a New Maquette From Sideshow Collectibles, Preorder Now

Th main man Lobo is getting a new maquette from Sideshow Collectibles. Up for preorder today for shipping in late 2019, there are two versions available: a regular edition for $730 and an exclusive version with an alternative portrait for $750. Each stands 20 inches tall and feature Lobo firing a ridiculously big gun, fabric […]

G.I. Joe Scarlett Kotobukiya Statue

G.I. Joe Kotobukiya Bishoujo Line Kicks Off With Scarlett, Preorder Now

G.I. Joe fans have a new line of statues to collect. Kotobukiya is bringing the Joes to their bishoujo line, starting with Scarlett. She comes armed with her crossbow, posed on a rocky base with an explosion blast by her feet. It will stand at about 9 inches tall, and will run you around $100. […]

Sideshow Collectibles Punisher Premium Format Figure 18

Punisher Premium Format Figure Goes Up For Order Today

Sideshow is opening up preorders today for a new Premium Format Figure of Frank Castle, The Punisher. Two different versions of the statue will be available- a regular edition for $585 and an exclusive version with a painted interchangeable head. that one will be $600. Both versions will stand at 22 inches tall, and feature […]

Kotobukiya ARTFX Premier Statue Marvel 1

Kotobukiya Announces New Statue Line, Cap and Thor Are First

Kotobkiya will be at New York Toy Fair this weekend, and in advance of that, we have an announcement of a new line of high end statues from the company ARTFX Premier will be a statue line of high-quality and detail, and each will be limited in number The first two statues in the line[...]

Diamond Select Toys Marvel Gallery Mr. Sinister Statue

Diamond Select Toys Teases Marvel Reveals For New York Toy Fair

Diamond Select Toys have revealed a few of the Marvel related items they will be debuting at this weekend's New York Toy Fair. These four items represent some of the more successful lines they produce, including Marvel Select figures, Gallery PVC, and their premier statue line. Check out all four reveals below, and keep it […]

Good Smile Company Batman Ninja Joker 5

Good Smile Company Batman Ninja Joker Statue Coming Late 2019

Batman Ninja villain The Joker is getting a new statue from Good Smile Company. The statue is in the 1/6th scale, and will be limited to only 1000 pieces worldwide. It features a great sculpt, and is posed on a dynamic base, and can be paired with their earlier Batman Ninja statue to form a […]

Captain Marvel Iron Studios Statue 10

Captain Marvel Statue Coming Later This Year From Iron Studios

Captain Marvel continues to see tons and tons of merchandise announced as the film is a little over a month away. Iron Studios has sent out pics and opened up preorders for their Captain Marvel 1/10 scale statue modeled after Brie Larson. It will come with two heads like a lot of the other merchandise […]

Check Out Quantum Mechanix Adorable New Bat-Family Q-Master Diorama

The Bat-Family is being honored as the first piece in Quantum Mechanix new line "Q-Master", which they are calling the evolution of their popular Q-Figs line. These will be cast in polyresin and have more heft than a regular Q-Fig, that is for sure. This first one features the lighter side of the Dark Knight, […]

Prime 1 Studio Mera Comics Statue 9

Mera Statue Coming in Spring of 2020 From Prime 1 Studio

Prime 1 Studio is taking preorders on their new ridiculously cool comics version of DC Comics heroine Mera. The $1,099.00 statue stands at 29 inches tall and features a stunning portrait of Mera leaping out of the water, trident in hand. The detail on the suit, hair, trident, and really everything are a sight to […]

Sideshow Collectibles Batgirl Premium Format 1

Batgirl Gets Her Own Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Figure

Batgirl has her very own Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles going up for preorder this Thursday. There will be two versions: a regular edition for $560 and an exclusive version featuring an alternate face portrait for $575. The statue will stand at 21 inches and also features a poseable cape. These will go up […]

Iron Studios Superman Statue 6

Iron Studios Creates One of the Best Superman Statues of All-Time

Superman fans: Iron Studios has gone and created one of the best statues of Kal I have ever seen. Based on the likeness of Christopher Reeve from the original 1978 Superman film, this thing is a sight to behold. This statue is made of polystone, and stands at 13.7 inches tall. It comes with the […]

Kotobukiya Venom Statue 6

Venom Kotobukiya ARTFX Statue Coming in 2019

Venom is swinging into a new ARTFX statue from Kotobukiya. The statue will feature everyone's favorite symbiote swinging over a crumbling building base, and stands at 16 inches tall. This is Venom in a 1/6 scale, and features a PVC sculpt, with many fine details and in an iconic character pose. This one will release […]