Joker Ikemen Statue Up For Order Form Kotobukiya

Joker is the latest Bat Family character to get an Ikemen statue from Kotobukiya. The male version of their popular Bishoujo statue line, Ikemen translates to "good looking man". More of a cheescake look, the past statues in this line of Nightwing and Jason Todd were very, very popular, and I imagine the Joker will be more of the same. The statue stands at almost 10 inches tall and features the CLown Prince of Crime in his iconic purple suit and holding a cane. In his other and, he is holding a Joker fish. He also comes with a display base. This one will run you $100 and can be preordered right now here. Check it out below!

Kotobukiya's Ikemen series continues to amaze fans all around the world! Similar to Kotobukiya's popular Bishoujo series, the Ikemen series is a lineup of popular characters re-designed by the famous Japanese illustrator, Ricken, into the Japanese Ikemen (handsome men) style!

Joining the Ikemen lineup is the Dark Knight's arch enemy, Joker! From the trademark purple suit and mischievous grin, this statue perfectly showcases the measures Joker would take to get the final laugh.

Product Features

  • 9.45 inches (24cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Designed by the famous Japanese illustrator Ricken
  • Expert sculpting by Naoya Mutou

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