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Adam Goldberg's The Hebrew Hammer Needs Your Help Punching Nazis
Hitler, the long-awaited sequel, is in development through a crowdfunding platform site that fans can visit to invest in the project directly. SyFy Wire had the opportunity to speak with Goldberg about the project, how the Donald Trump presidency served as a form of "muse" for the character's return; the resurgence of anti-semitism, and the role[...]
Swipe File: Sinestro And Hitler
Sinestro has always had a certain reputation. And a certain look about him. But Ethan Van Sciver's sketchbook from 2007 may take it a little
Exclusive – Dracula And Jack The Ripper Join Hitler In Taking On Evil Dead 2's Ash
They're recently released one-shot Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Hitler has sold out and is going back for a second printing The issue by Ian Edginton, Larry Watts and Chris Summers pitted horror icon Ash Williams against the historical dictator. With the success of the first books, the company has announced a series of other one-shots[...]
"Alan Moore, Hitler And God, Though Their Friendship May Seem Odd"…
Hitler's invasion plan ended with the capture of Northampton Also God directed his angels there in the eighth century So I thought we could all be in a kids' TV cartoon series called The Dream Team I even wrote the theme song" And now given a backing track and visual for YouTube… [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkE7D9eHD0Q[/youtube] [...]