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“Thor 4”: Taika Waititi to Write and Direct Sequel, “Akira” Delayed Again
Apparently, he plays Hitler in it Don't look at us We're just reporting the news here. Photo: Jasin Boland / ©Marvel Studios 2017 Taika Waititi Has Been Very Busy Presumably, Waititi will return to developing Akira after he's done with Thor 4 He had been casting for actors when the deal for Thor 4 was signed This means[...]
Is Preacher Season 4 Filming Under Working Title 'Klaus'? Would Herr Starr Approve?
Have the faithful finally gotten a sign? Are we witness to a miracle? After AMC's third-season finale of Preacher saw Jesse (Dominic Cooper) finally used a little Genesis-flavored "family therapy" to rid himself of The L'Angells once-and-for-all (???) before pairing-up again with Tulip (Ruth Negga) to continue on "The Search for God." Simple enough, right? Except[...]
Preacher Season 3, Episode 7 'Hitler' Review: "Thrice Blessed, Oh Custer"
AMC So where did things stand as we dove headlong into AMC Preacher s03e07 'Hitler'? Glad you asked… ● Eugene (Ian Colletti) is in the custody of "foster dad" The Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) — but much to The Saint's growing regret, he doesn't plan on going quietly Little does Arseface know that he's about to[...]
BC Grindhouse Presents… The Walking Dead/Preacher Live-Blog Double Feature!
Call it "Bring Out Your Confessions"? Maybe "Taking Your Dead"? Nah, just didn't seem right. So intead, we're going with BC Grindhouse Presents… The Walking Dead/Preacher Live-Blog Double Feature!, as we live-blog both The Walking Dead's season 9 preview special (hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown) and the seventh episode of Preacher's third season, 'Hitler.' https://youtu.be/mMoB4ZEY00QVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled:[...]
Join BC Grindhouse for… The Walking Dead/Preacher Live-Blog Double Feature!
The worlds of AMC's The Walking Dead and Preacher collide Sunday night, August 5th, with BC Grindhouse Presents… The Walking Dead/Preacher Live-Blog Double Feature!, as we live-blog both The Walking Dead's season 9 preview special and the seventh episode of Preacher's third season, 'Hitler.' Starting at 9 p.m ET with The Walking Dead special (hosted[...]
Preacher Preview: Herr Starr Meets Gran'ma; The Saint of Killers Gets a Sandwich from Hitler
Credit: AMC While we're still processing that whole TC (Colin Cunningham)/petting zoo sequence from 'Les Enfants du Sang,' our friends over at AMC's Preacher are marching on with a look at the season's seventh episode, the sure-to-not-get-any-attention-titled 'Hitler.' We've got Jesse (Dominic Cooper) siding with Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) and The Grail to make a clean[...]
Cable Artist Jon Malin on Nazis, Marvel, SJWs, X-Men… and Shell Beach (UPDATE)
It's often portrayed as left wing or liberal, but left-of-centre, centrist or right-of-centre travellers can also be tagged with this label. When it was pointed out to Malin that the X-Men could themselves quite conceivably fit within the critique of "Social Justice Warriors", with the parallels and analogies of oppressed minorities, Civil Rights and prejudice, Malin[...]