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Printwatch: Nottingham #1 3rd Printing
Out on the 19th of May. Printwatch: Nottingham #1 3rd Printing PrintWatch: Home #1 by is going to a second printing from Image Comics Cover below Out on the 12th of May. Printwatch: Home #1 2nd printing NOTTINGHAM #1 (OF 5) 3RD PTG MAD CAVE STUDIOS (W) David Hazan (A) Shane Connery Volk, Luca Romano (CA) Shane Connery Volk Third Printing ![...]
Home: Immigration, Border Patrol and Superpowers from New Image Comics
Home is a new series by newcomers Julio Anta (Frontera, forthcoming HarperCollins 2023) and Anna Wieszczyk This 5-issue miniseries will explore the real-world implications of a migrant with superpowers, out from Image Comics in April. "Home" cover from Image Comics. Home follows a young boy who is torn away from his mother while seeking asylum at the U.S[...]
Zoom Olympics with BTS
Of course, there were the special performances of "Idol," "Home," and "Black Swan." Zoom Olympics with BTS Which brings us to Thursday night, kicking off with Fallon challenging RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook to a series of random ("The Guitar Pick Challenge"? "The Groundhog Challenge"?) challenges via Zoom called (appropriately enough) "Zoom Olympics": Now[...]
Dance Your Feelings with BTS
To keep your scorecards up-to-speed, here's how the week's looked so far. On Monday, RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook kicked off the week performing "Dynamite" with Fallon and The Roots, followed by a strong take on "Idol." The next day, John Cena (The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker) showed his respect and admiration not only[...]
You have your opinion to like what you want… but how they conduct themselves as human beings and the message they send to the world? Man, that's something special," Cena explained. BTS: HOME (Image" NBCU) To hear what else Cena had to say and to check out BTS in a new performance of "Home," look no further[...]
Oh, the Indie Horror: Home & Crescent City Monsters
So without further ado… Oh, the Indie Horror! Day 2 (Double Feature!): Home by Kalani Caraballo & Crescent City Monsters by Newton Lilavois Read Day 1 here. Hailing from New Jersey, Kalani Caraballo is the writer and visionary of Dummie Comics Inc along with his soon-to-be-wife, Chrissy Torres, who is the co-founder and editor Under Dummie Comics Inc.,[...]
50 states of fear
I've been notoriously obsessed with 2 things: True Crime and DIY, though I never actually thought the combo would be uttered in the same sentence together (other than on a Home Depot run to purchase supplies needed to clean up a crime scene) I've binged watched everything from Flip or Flop and Love it or[...]
La La Land's Damien Chazelle Lands New Series at Apple
Oher projects include: a comedy series starring Kristen Wiig and executive produced by Reese Witherspoon; a morning show-themed drama/comedy starring Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston; the Octavia Spencer-starrer Are You Sleeping; a reboot of Amazing Stories from executive producer Steven Spielberg; an untitled space race drama from Ron Moore; the drama See from Steven Knight and[...]
Titan Comics To Publish Dreamworks Comic, Home, In August
From Max Davison and Matt Hebb for August, comes a new comic book based on the Dreamworks movie, Home. Fresh from DreamWorks Animation's new film Home, Titan Comics bring you the all-new adventures of the friendliest and most inept world dominators you've ever seen! The Boov are an alien race trying to make Earth their home, but[...]
Ultimate Night Of The Living Dead – 3 New Comics From Double Take
Two series, Rise and Z-Men are written by Jeff McComsey, while the third, Home, is written by Moth Grand Slam Champion, Peter Aquero Digital previews of all three premier issues are available now at doubletakeuniverse.com. Much more than just a singular launch, this marks the first releases in a major initiative surrounding the classic horror franchise,[...]
Dreamworks Shows President Obama And Us A New Scene From How To Train Your Dragon 2
Hiccup and Astrid are featured here along with Hiccup's adorable pet dragon Toothless. The President himself even got to get in on the action as Dreamworks created a character for him which would potentially exist in the universe of Home, another animated film coming out in 2014. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAl-TYTWxKY[/youtube] Being President sure does have its perks, eh? [...]