horizon: Zero Dawn

Bleeding Cool's E3 2016 Game Of The Show Nominations And Winner

This needs to be on your radar.Horizon: Zero DawnHorizon: Zero Dawn was the most impressive AAA game I saw last year at E3, and it might well just be again too The sci-fi nu-Stone Age adventure is shaping up beautifully and everything I saw only cements my feelings again this year The game got pushed out[...]

Horizon Zero Dawn Shows How It Will Actually Play At E3 Press Conference

Horizon Zero Dawn has shown us a lot of its concept, environments and story thus far, and I' fully on board. I can't wait for it. One thing that has remained illusive though is how it actually plays. That was rectified in tonight's E3 Press Conference. We got a really extended look at how the […]

Massive Horizon: Zero Dawn Poster Adornes LA With E3 Incoming

Horizon: Zero Dawn was probably my favorite AAA title I saw at E3 last year It truly was lovely looking, and I'm fascinated about what we will see come E3.To highlight that we certainly can expect some noise (roars?) from the game at the show, developer Guerrilla Games have shown off this rather massive poster[...]

Horizon: Zero Dawn Gets New Gameplay At Paris Games Week

Horizon: Zero Dawn remains one of the most fascinating AAA games currently upcoming It was the game from a major studio that impressed me most at E3 And there was a lot of great stuff at E3.At Sony's Paris Games Week conference, some new footage was shown, that focused on a quest to get resources...before[...]

Check Out Horizon: Zero Dawn Being Played Live

I'm really intrigued by Horizon: Zero Dawn Coming out of E3, it was my favorite AAA showing with everything I saw leaving me excited.The debut trailer showed gameplay, but it was pre-recorded Thar can leave things open to a little manipulation During Tokyo Games Show though, the game was shown off being played in person[...]

Horizon: Zero Dawn Is The Hardest Project Guerrilla Has Ever Worked On

Coming out of E3, Horizon: Zero Dawn was probably the AAA game that impressed me most The idea of a broken future where man has reverted back to cave people fighting robot Dinosaurs? I'm in.The game has been a tough one for Guerrilla Games though After leaving their comfort zone of Killzone in their past,[...]

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn Is A Single Player Focused Game

Horizon: Zero Dawn was straight up the best AAA game I saw at E3 The concept of a beautiful, but serious take on Robot Dinosaurs reclaming a post-post-apocalyptic world speaks to me in a big way.Giving us a better idea of what the game actually is though, Guerrilla Games art director Jan Bart Van Beek sat[...]

Sony Were Initially Worried About The Female Lead In Horizon: Zero Dawn

I selected Horizon: Zero Down as a nomination pick for Game of the Show at E3. I m really impressed with the game and I'm dying to see more. I am genuinely excited to see the game being designed with a female protagonist too. The showing of great female characters at this year's expo was […]

E3 2015 Game Of The Show Nomination: Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerrilla's new title Horizon: Zero Dawn looks like the game I’ve been waiting for this studio to make It was revealed during Sony’s Press Conference and in a show where a Final Fantasy 7, The Last Guardian, Uncharted 4 and Shenmue 3 made the crowd go wild, Horizon was the one I left most jazzed for[...]

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Accomplished And Steady – Sony At E3

Expanding on the video we saw so many moons ago and crediting the visionary input of Fumito Udea, who was in the crowd.Any game that has been in such development hell is always a concern but the fact Sony had faith to let it represent them as the first product shown started a line of[...]

E3: Horizon: Zero Dawn Is All About The Robo-Dinosaurs And It Looks Amazing

Guerrilla games have come out of hiding after Killzone: Shadowfall to announce a new IP and it looks very cool.The game is called Horizon: Zero Dawn and features indigenous people hunting robo-dinosaurs, I mean that should be enough right? No? Well get a load of the trailer It looks amazing.[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fkg5UVTsKCE[/youtube]I was actually really impressed by how poe[...]