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Aloy From 'Horizon Zero Dawn' Is Added To 'Monster Hunter: World'

In what we're sure was a shocking moment during the Monster Hunter: World trailer at Paris Games Week, we got to see Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn join the cast of hunters for Capcom's upcoming title. How much you can use her character and what aspect of the game she plays is still unknown, but considering […]

We Get A Look At The 'Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds' Expansion

If you've been dying to fight more robotic creatures in the vast lands of Horizon Zero Dawn, you're in luck. Today at Paris Games Week during the Sony press conference, the latest trailer for the game's first expansion was revealed. "The Frozen Wilds" is exactly as it sounds, fighting off new creatures in the cold-swept […]

Sony's Trademark On The Frozen Wilds Has Been Foiled By A Mobile Slot Machine

Sony's trademark for the Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC The Frozen Wilds has been suspended because of a mobile slot machine game with a similar name. NeoGAF user Rösti (just prior to the site's shut down) discovered the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's (USPTO) suspension notice, which is supposedly over a month old. In the notice, USPTO […]


Horizon: Zero Dawn's Frozen Wilds DLC Will Be Out In November

Guerilla Games announced today that Horizon: Zero Dawn's first DLC expansion, The Frozen Wilds, will be released on November 7. The news comes from a tiny little teaser trailer released this morning, and sadly we have little by way of further information on the DLC for you. The trailer's description reads: Set in icy territories […]

Horizon: Zero Dawn Visits The Frozen Wilds In New DLC Revealed At E3

Guerilla Games' Horizon: Zero Dawn was one of 2017's early hits. So many people love the hell out of this game, and thanks to Sony's E3 press conference, we know exactly what to expect from the game's upcoming DLC. Called The Frozen Wilds, the DLC takes Alloy up into a snowy wasteland to encounter new friends and new challenges. […]

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Watch How ' Horizon Zero Dawn' Stays Beautiful No Matter Where You Go

Dutch company VPRO has just released a 45-minute documentary that goes behind the scenes at Guerrilla Games to show us all the cool tricks they used to make Horizon Zero Dawn look amazing. Honestly, this is pretty amazing as it shows you exactly how the world is rendered so that your vision of what lies ahead is […]

The Importance Of Aloy

Rosliyne Bean writes for Bleeding Cool: I can always tell when a big video game is about to be released. My fiance will start to gush about a new game months before it is actually released. He will go on and on about the graphics, the gameplay, and which studio is releasing it. This was […]

Dinosaur Fight Club Is A Thing In ' Horizon Zero Dawn'

The first rule about Dinosaur Fight Club, tell everyone about Dinosaur Fight Club. In what feels like a strange throwback to the '90s cartoon Dinosausers, a YouTube channel named ThunderHoss has been taking creatures from Horizon Zero Dawn and pitting them against each other in classic battles you never knew you wanted to see! Through a […]


Guerilla Games Show Off Aloy In New Video

Guerrilla Games has used their latest Dev Diary about Horizon: Zero Dawn to illustrate all the ways in which Aloy is an interesting character. They show her off as a strong-willed adventurer who is exploring the wider world around her – one she's never seen before which the devs cite as being purposefully similar to the player. […]

Horizon: Zero Dawn Has Gone Gold

Horizon: Zero Dawn is going to be a huge early year release for the PlayStation 4. The game is quite possibly Sony's biggest game this year, barring any an unannounced release dates or titles, and it is just around the corner now. That's why it's good to hear the game has gone gold. Guerrilla Games have […]

Horizon: Zero Dawn May Have Seen A Short Delay In UK

Horizon: Zero Dawn is really close now. The game is just over a month away, at which point one of Sony's most anticipated PlayStation 4 games ever will be with us. However, for us in the UK, we are going to be waiting just a little longer. The US release date is February 28, but in the UK, […]

Bleeding Cool's E3 2016 Game Of The Show Nominations And Winner

So E3 is well and truly over. Every company has shown their wares, and there is a lot to pour over. I saw a ton of games out at the LA Convention Centre, approaching over 50, and there is a whole bunch I want to give recognition to. As is seemingly mandatory, in the wake […]

Horizon Zero Dawn Shows How It Will Actually Play At E3 Press Conference

Horizon Zero Dawn has shown us a lot of its concept, environments and story thus far, and I' fully on board. I can't wait for it. One thing that has remained illusive though is how it actually plays. That was rectified in tonight's E3 Press Conference. We got a really extended look at how the […]