In the Evening Heartbroken Girl Sitting on a Sofa, Crying, Using Tissues, Eating Ice Cream and Watching Drama on TV. Her Room is in Mess. (

To The Pain: 10 Television Episodes Guaranteed to Make You Ugly Cry

In the end, all he has left of his father is the world's most emotional butt dial.House - "House's Head"/"Wilson's Heart" be perfectly honest, I am not a fan of Amber (Anne Dudek) From the beginning, up until her heartbreaking end, I just don't really like her character[...]

locke & key

"Locke & Key": The Keys Are All Around Us – If You Only Listen… [PREVIEW]

While shows such as Netflix's The Umbrella Academy and Amazon Prime's The Boys having gotten a ton of (well-deserved) attention, we're happy to be turning our attention to Netflix‘s upcoming adaptation of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez‘s comic book Locke & Key.Originally Hulu-bound, the ten-episode, supernatural-fantasy drama from Hill, Carlton Cuse, and IDW Entertainment went through some changes since switching[...]

Matt Reeves' Ordinary Joe Gets Put Pilot Commitment from NBC

Written more than ten years ago, Reeves is set to executive produce the story of Joe, who faces a dramatic crossroads: Will he choose love, loyalty, or his artistic passion? It then jumps forward 10 years and follows three different paths Joe’s life takes based on each choice he could have made a decade earlier.[caption id="attachment_940279"[...]

Netflix CEO Has One Reason Why '13 Reasons Why' Critics Should Chill: "Nobody Has to Watch It"

Brent Bozell III in 1995, the PTC's website states the group "promotes and restores responsibility and decency to the entertainment industry in answer to America's demand for positive, family-oriented television programming." The PTC claims they accomplish this goal "by fostering changes in TV programming to make the early hours of prime time family-friendly and suitable[...]

natural disaster

American Disaster: NBC Developing Natural Disaster Drama Series

But what happens after the storms have moved out, the skies have cleared and the news crews have moved on to their next assignments? How does a community that's lost so much find the strength to rebuild and move one? Those are the questions that writer Michael McGrale (CSI: Miami, The Following) and director Deran Sarafian [...]

Taylor Swift Is… Joni Mitchell? I Don't See It

Katie Jacobs was one of the chief creative forces behind House, serving as executive producer and cutting her directorial teeth on a nice handful of episodes, and the Nurse Jeffrey online spin-off For her feature debut she's set to direct Girls Like Us, a John Sayles-scripted biopic of Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, and, my absolute[...]

David Cronenberg Directing And Sam Raimi Producing New TV Project, Knifeman

House angle: A radical, self-educated surgeon delivering a visceral and psychological portrait of the extraordinary and unorthodox lengths he will go to uncover the secrets of the human body. The pilot has been scripted by Rolin Jones, a sometime Friday Night Lights writer Jones and Cronenberg are amongst the producers, alongside Sam Raimi Interestingly, there's no broadcaster[...]

Bat Mansion For Sale, Illinois

A house that, thanks to Google Maps, was discovered to have a Batman theme backyard, is on the market for $2.7 million If you want to live in Hinsdale, Illinois, and you happen to be a playboy millionaire, why not? For a start you can change the logo to reflect the current version...A house[...]

Hugh Laurie's Statement On Why He's Really Leaving House

Because everybody on the House team like to remind us all the time that "Everybody lies," it can be hard to take their comments on face value sometimes But don't read the statement here, read the motivation and I think you'll trust in what Hugh Laurie has to tell you.This statement was sent to TV[...]

House Ends In May With The Conclusion Of Its Eighth Season – Official Statement

Fox have announced the end of their tremendously successful "Sherlock Holmes in a hospital" drama, House MD.Mrs C and myself just finished watching the Blu-rays of season seven over the weekend, and despite a few missteps here and there, thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing Indeed, we could say much the same for the first six[...]

Steve Rude's House Is Saved… For Now

Last month Bleeding Cool reported on how Steve Rude and his wife Gino were running an emergency sale of work to prevent foreclosure on his house And the good news is that it worked He posts on Facebook; Well, it's nice to know we still have a nice house to live in.In fact, thanks[...]

VIDEO: The Fantastical Football Toon That's Next From Juan Jose Campanella

Perhaps an English dub could call on the cast of House, the US TV show for which Campanella has directed a raft of (very good) episodes.*I'm not being disingenuous, I actually do have a realtionship with them, however vague. His last picture, The Secret in their Eyes won him the Oscar for 2009's Best Film in[...]

It's Dr. House Vs. Black Jack When US TV Meets Anime

Here's what happened when Osamu Tezuka's genius surgeon Black Jack met Gregory House MD I'm glad that Hugh Laurie's Japanese accent is every bit as convincing as his American one...Can anybody offer up a translation? I'd love to know what they're talking about.Here's what happened when Osamu Tezuka's genius surgeon Black Jack met Gregory[...]

Look! It Moves! #3 by Adi Tantimedh – Wait… Where's the 'Human' in Human Shield?

His assertion that "all clients lie" is right out of HOUSE's assertion that "everybody lies" The list goes on Familiarity breeds comfort in the hearts of executives, alas.It's obvious Fox didn't want a situation worse than DOLLHOUSE The problem with DOLLHOUSE was that there was no central character for viewers to identify and root for[...]