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Freedom Fighters
Where are Uncle Sam and the Human Bomb? When the Freedom Fighters were created back in 1973 in the pages of Justice League of America #107 by Len Wein and Dick Dillin, they had pulled together six characters originally created for Quality Comics The team consisted of Black Condor, Dollman, the Human Bomb, Phantom Lady,[...]
Josh's Throwback Corner: Uncle Sam And The Freedom Fighters (2006)
The rest of the team were the Human Bomb (an actual walking bomb), Doll Man and Doll Lady (think of Ant-Man and the Wasp), Phantom Lady (intangible and opens portal), Black Condor (think the Falcon), the Ray (living light being), Miss America (star-spangled Supergirl), Red Bee (kind of like Iron Man), and Firebrand (Human Torch[...]