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Dave Bautista has no love for NRA head Wayne LaPierre. Photo of the lizard person on the left: Christopher Halloran /
Former WWE wrestler turned Hollywood megastar Dave Bautista took aim at NRA head Wayne LaPierre and his wife, Susan, after a video leaked showing the couple hunting and killing an elephant Bautista said that he wished "pain and suffering" on the couple, who he called not hunters but poachers, cowards, and murderers Bautista's tweet garnered[...]
'Supernatural' Season 14, Episode 16 "Don't Go In The Woods" Review: Even Jack Knows Jack About Jack [SPOILERS]
While the boys are hunting, Jack tries to impress the townies who experienced the Winchesters' special set of skills firsthand Unfortunately, young Jack learns his first lesson in how to play well with others… and it costs him very dearly. I'm going to bypass the slightly under-whelming and pretty standard MOW (monster-of-the-week) storyline and jump right[...]
'Supernatural' @ 300: Our 10 Most Beloved (and Delightfully Hated) Characters
She stopped hunting, got married, and had a family Just when life was at its sweetest, Azazel came to collect We never imagined that years later, Chuck and Amara would reward the Winchester Brothers by resurrecting their beloved mom Unfortunately, Mary was fine resting in peace and it takes her a couple of years adjusting[...]