'Supernatural' Season 14, Episode 14 "Ouroboros" Chases Own Tail, Saved By Ending [SPOILER REVIEW]

I'm going to be straight with you, SPN Family. I did not care for "Ouroboros" until the episode shifted into high gear towards the end. Cannibalism is gross no matter how gourmet you try to make it. However, Castiel (Misha Collins) and Jack (Alexander Calvert) have the means to get a jump on the insatiable demi-god. That's when things start to get interesting. Let's dive in!

Noah (Philippe Bowgen) can glimpse into the future by eating eyeballs. Eww! So he sees the Winchesters tailing him every step of the way and manages to evade their clutches. The dummy reveals that he knows the boys, but he's ignorant of Cas and Jack's presence. Cue some angel action, a sneak attack and manly suppression of emotions.


Jack's health is declining and he keeps using his soul juice to heal himself. He's playing a very dangerous game, but it is very sweet how he's willing to sacrifice himself for Cas and the boys. He's a Winchester through and through. The boys always put their lives on the line for each other…and to save the world. They've truly become a family – even Rowena (Ruth Connell).

She pops-in to help them track Noah down and can sense something shifty with Jack. The boys keep her focused on the case. We're still not sure how much she can be trusted, so she can stay on a need-to-know basis. However, all of that is about to change.

Noah puts up one helluva fight when he faces the Winchester Bros & Co. Before getting ganked, he pummels the Michael out of Dean (Jensen Ackles). Ruh -roh! This is what we've been afraid of since they locked him up in Dean's noggin. It has taken all of his energy to keep the archangel muzzled. Now that he's lost consciousness, Michael has the means to escape.

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Here's the kicker – Michael approaches Rowena to be his new host and the unimaginable happens:

She can showboat all she wants, but deep down, Rowena cares about them. Awww. Looks like she has more in common with Crowley (Mark Sheppard)  than she thought. I've had a surprising soft-spot for Jack and my fondness for him only continues to grow. He is epic in this scene!

Jack ends his forboding speech to Michael with "I'm a Winchester." I'm beyond tickled in the feels. All bets are off when anyone harms his family. Jack entered this battle ready to use up his grace and die. We didn't expect it to end with him killing Michael and acquiring all of his archangel mojo. This restores Jack to his full-fledged angelic glory. I'll never get bored of seeing that wingspan on display. AWESOME!!!

This week, canon ruled over the episodic case. I didn't care for the disgusting cannibalism or Noah's annoying cat-and-mouse shenanigans. The endgame made this episode. This twist changes everything. Michael is no longer a threat…or so we assume.

I feared the repeated self-sacrificing brother in need of salvation schtick would grow stale this season, but I didn't consider the new Winchester that came into play. Jack broke the pattern. It has always been about Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean figuring out how to save one another. Cass helps whenever he can, but even his abilities are limited. Jack is the most powerful member of the team – scratch that – family.

With Michael off the table, what force will threaten the Winchesters now?  Maybe they will go back to saving people, hunting things, the family business in its original incarnation – with a few heavy-duty upgrades. Honestly, I would like to go back to the basics. When I watch re-runs on TNT, I really miss the good old days. The ghost stories, mysterious monsters, brotherly hijinks, and unexpected surprises.

I love Supernatural, but they've fallen into a bit of a rut. The same cycle plays out in different scenarios. It is time for something refreshing, yet retro. I hope Jack's bold move means the show will follow suit. Vintage SPN with a twist would be an epic way to enter Season 15.

The promo for "Peace of Mind" already gives me those old school Supernatural feels:


I'm really excited to see what's next!

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