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Human Target #4 Review: Engaging, Breezy
Credit: DC Black Label Alongside the heroine Ice, a surprising but effective femme fatale herself, the title character continues his tour through the characters of the Justice League International The two of them go to visit billionaire Ted Kord, who flits around the world in a fitting spandex costume as the Blue Beetle The question is[...]
Human Target #2 Review: No Mean Feat
It's not booze. The only clues lead him to believe that someone from the "bwa-ha-ha" era of the Justice League International is involved, and that's a messy bit of business itself Enter Tora Olafsdotter, the hero known as Ice (and former JLI member), who has her own motivations for reaching out to Chance What follows is[...]
the masked singer
When the last dance was danced on FOX's disguised celebrity dance competition series The Masked Dancer, Cricket, Exotic Bird, Hammerhead, and Tulip learned they would be heading to the Group A Fire!- and that Disco Ball aka rapper/actor Ice-T would have the "honor" of being the first celebrity kicked off the stage This week, Craig[...]
Superman Lois Lane
You know how Bleeding Cool said the other day that DC Comics was prepping a WarWold comic book series? Well, totally by coincidence, today's Superman: Villains sees Mongul returning on Warworld with Mongul Jr… and watching the news. While The Toymaker has been inspired by Superman's identity revelation to hand himself in. Only to be pulled out[...]
Susan Sarandon
Credit: Kathy Hutchins / The group was gathered at the Hart Office Building wrapped in foil blankets chanting "Abolish ICE" in efforts to demand an end to family detention for immigrants being detained at the US border. 630 women in foil blankets are being arrested in Hart Office building now as they chant "Abolish ICE" and demand[...]
The X-Files: Gillian Anderson Unveils Her Six Favorite Episodes — The X-Files (@thexfiles) December 20, 2017 Here is Anderson's complete episode list from the live-stream event: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The X-Files: "Ice" (Promo Spot) ( "Ice" (s01e08): Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate when a team of genophysicists, stationed at a remote Alaskan outpost, is killed by a parasitic alien life[...]
Reviewing The International Comic Expo (ICE) 2015
And isn't that what a good comic-con, like ICE, can offer; a place to meet the elder statesmen, the young Turks and the alternative. My booty? A limited edition Stan Lee signed canvas of iconic Iron Man No.126 that became even more limited (one of one, I believe) after Bob Layton signed it graciously (given he[...]
Things To Do In Birmingham This Weekend If You Love Comics
By Olly MacNamee Putting the comics firmly back into comic conventions, Shane Chebsey's International Comics Expo (ICE) returns for a second year to The Studio on Birmingham's Cannon Street (just off Corporation Street for those travelling from outside of Brum) next weekend and with it comes a guest list to be envied by some of the[...]
Three Cheers For Birmingham International Comic Expo (ICE)
By Olly MacNamee   Shane Chebsey, along with his personal super team of volunteers and friends, organized the welcome return of ICE in Birmingham and certainly knew how to put on a show With guests galore and so many panels over just the one day event, my only real problem was not being able to be in[...]
A Meet And Greet With Steve The Dude Rude Before Birmingham International Comic Expo
But, thanks to Shane Chebsey and company, the collective brains behind this Saturday's Birmingham International Comic Expo (ICE), that is what I was able to do at Birmingham's flagship comic store, Nostalgia and Comics Birmingham was the last stop on his European Tour, leaving the best till last, of course It's not often Britain's second[...]