VS And Black Cloud By Ivan Brandon, With Esad Ribic, Jason Latour And Greg Hinkle Announced At #ImageExpo (UPDATE)

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Everything seems to be VS this VS that these days.

Well, Ivan Brandon has announced this as the title to his new Image comic with Secret Wars artist Esad Ribic. All about the changing dynamic of how people fight, and coming out in the autumn… with Esad building a brand new world from scratch.


He's good at that.

A story about privatised war, it sees the main character goes from greatest warrior to a failing one, only for the public to love him more as a failure.

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Brandon also announced a new series writtenwith Jason Latour, and drawn by Greg Hinkle and Matt Wilson called Black Cloud. Described by Latour as "Jessica Jones meets Jessica Rabbit" about "our dreams at war" and how imagination is literal and those with the best imagination at war, win.


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VS by Ivan Brandon, Esad Ribić, Ive Svorcina, Aditya Bidikar, Tom Muller, edited by Sebastian Girner 
Writer Ivan Brandon (DRIFTER) and Esad Ribić (Secret Wars) team up with colorist Ive Svorcina, letterer Aditya Bidikar, designer Tom Muller, and editor Sebastian Girner for a futurist drama in, VS.

VS follows the rise and fall of Satta Flynn, a wildly popular soldier in a time when War has been privatized and is a form of entertainment.

Armies financed and equipped by super-corporations. War medics that double as Pit Mechanics. Satta's every move is LIVE on TV. And for the first time, Satta finds out what it's like to lose.

VS is set to launch in Fall 2016.

BLACK CLOUD by Jason Latour, Ivan Brandon, Greg Hinkle, Matt Wilson, Aditya Bidikar, Tom Muller, edited by Maria Ludwig
Co-creators Jason Latour (SOUTHERN BASTARDS, Spider-Gwen), Ivan Brandon (DRIFTER, VIKING) and Greg Hinkle (AIRBOY, THE RATTLER), team up with colorist Matt Wilson (THE WICKED + THE DIVINE), letterer Aditya Bidikar, designer Tom Muller, and editor Maria Ludwig for an all-new series called, BLACK CLOUD.

Once upon a time…They built a world where dreams come true… And those dreams went to war. In BLACK CLOUD, we meet Zelda: exiled to Earth, her dreams of revolution are gone, but she still holds the key to the world she left behind. And it's for sale.

BLACK CLOUD is set to launch in Fall 2016.

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