Jen Van Meter And Rick Burchett Announce Prima At #ImageExpo (UPDATE)

Jen Van Meter
and Rick Burchett have announced Prima at Image Expo.

A new comic about a 1950's ballet company who are ballet dancers by day undercover espionage freedom fighters by night.

They used to be a resistance cell during World War II and they want to keep their hand in helping people.

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PRIMA by Jen Van Meter, Rick Burchett, Eric Newsom, edited by Jeanine Schaefer
You don't always see who's standing in the spotlight.

Creators Jen Van Meter and artist Rick Burchett team up to tell an all-new story about a dance company—comprised entirely of former spies—righting the wrongs of the Cold War in a series called, PRIMA.

PRIMA follows Sophia Forais and Pauline French are the soloist and Managing Director of a dance company that once served as a front for a Resistance cell in France. Engaged for a long run in New York, the dancers have turned their attention and unique skills to aiding a veteran of the Romanian underground now being blackmailed by her American husband. The small operation should prove simple, but Sophia, Paulina and their colleagues will quickly learn that the war has not really ended, and the world is no less ruthless than it was when they were smuggling information and refugees during the Occupation.

"Rick and I started Prima around a shared love of mid-century illustration and hybrid genres. The book started from a simple heist premise but has really evolved into something else —with a large cast and secrets both inside and outside the dance company, there's a little Robin Hood, a little Le Carre and a healthy dose of soap opera," said Van Meter. "We wanted to capture the sense of relief, vitality and glamour that followed in the wake of the Allied victory, but couldn't turn away from the immediate onset of the Cold War, nor from the civilian lives forever altered by the rise and spread of Fascism in Europe. When Jeanine [Schaefer, editor] and Eric [Newsom, designer] became involved in the project, both immediately got what we were trying to do and leapt in to help us refine and control it. The crunchy center of the series is really about the role of Art and the Artist in the political sphere; the sweet, chewy exterior is all ballerinas, cat burglars, jazz musicians, murder and romance."

An espionage/romance adventure set in the arts world just after WWII, PRIMA is a warm-hearted series of intrigues: To Catch a Thief goes to the ballet.

On stands in FALL 2016.

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