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Darby Pop Announces Script Contest Winner For One-Shot Story
By Michele Brittany, a West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent After receiving an overwhelming response to their recent writing contest to come up with the best one-shot story about Indestructible character Stingray, Darby Pop has announced their winner The IDW-distributed publishing company reviewed over 170 scripts as part of their "Break Into Comics" writing contest in which[...]
Break Into Comics Writing With Darby Pop At IDW's Script Contest
Darby Pop, whose titles are distributed through IDW, is looking for an aspiring writer who will spin a story centered around Indestructible character Stingray, an aquatic superhero who has fallen on hard times from a series of bad decisions She is adrift and waiting for some writer to come in and tell her story. You can[...]
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Surely that can't be justified? Okay, okay, from Indestructible #8 maybe it can Okay, I need something cute to cleanse the palate. My Little Pony #23 shows you what happens when cute and cuter collide Seriously, they should try doing this at the Cern Particle Accelerator. Red Sonja: Tower #1 points out the difficulties that a barbarian woman had[...]
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But, as we all know, every strong independent woman has a mode of transport they can rely on and take charge of, and Vampi is making that point very clear. Indestructible #7 gives us the possibility that the comic could be renamed Stone And His Friend Barry Would you buy that? Always listen to the nun. Comics courtesy[...]
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Still Indestructible #6 does pose a dilemma… And T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents #8 answers it In the words of Xander Armstrong, "kill them." And Invincible #111 shows you exactly how There's a lot of this in today;s new "jumping on" point Or "throwing up" point Feeling sickened yet? Just wait till East Of West gives you a close up. Mirror, Mirror[...]
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Oh yes. And yes, Clive Barker's Next Testament #8 the French have a certain something as well when it comes to the desires of the flesh… But, as always, the Americans in Sons Of Anarchy #8 have the rest of the world beat. The building in London that Superman and Wonder Woman are sitting on in Superman/Wonder Woman? Its nickname,[...]
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Like that phrase "needless tautology".  Hey, Indestructible #1, they might well stare back, aren't you Simon Pegg? After reading Alex + Ada #2, I'm really hoping my grandmother just gets me a jumper Or a voucher, a voucher would be good There must be better ways to deal with such annoying relatives. And, yes, Lazarus #5 has[...]
IDW And Darby Pop Become Indestrutible Thanks To Jeff Kline
The previously announced partnership between IDW Publishing and Darby Pop Publishing has produced its first new series, Indestructible The new title is described as a satirical take on superheroes. Writing the new series is Darby Pop co-founder Jeff Kline who has worked on over 40 live action and animated television series and pilots including Transformers Prime and[...]