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Ira Steven Behr Chats Star Trek: Deep Space Nine What We Left Behind Documentary

Ira Steven Behr Chats 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine', 'What We Left Behind' Documentary

You can kind of sort of get the impression of fulfilling a fangirl’s dream when I got to speak with Nana Visitor, who played Major Kira Nerys on the third live-action Star Trek series (which you can read here), Armin Shimerman who played Ferengi bartender Quark (which you can read here), Andrew Robinson who played Cardassian tailor and spymaster Elim Garak (which you can read[...]

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Documentary to Hit Theaters in May New Trailer Released

'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' Documentary to Hit Theaters in May, New Trailer Released

We are elated to share the THEATRICAL release trailer and news for Ira Steven Behr's Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary, What We Left Behind. last month, it was announced that SHOUT! Factory had picked up the worldwide distribution rights for the docu, and that plans for "multiple format release" were in play.What We Left Behind[...]

Ira Steven Behr Shares Deep Space Nine Doc Update First HD Clip

Ira Steven Behr Shares 'Deep Space Nine' Doc Update, First HD Clip

Sure, some things get bogged down in the first season (you know, like ALL Star Trek)- but the overwhelming power of the cast and strong storytelling throughout make it an under appreciated entry into the Roddenberry galaxy.DS9 showrunner Ira Steven Behr has been working on a documentary about the series for a few years now, and today[...]