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Ja Rule Comments on Fyre Docs Still Doesnt Take Responsibility

Ja Rule Comments on Fyre Docs; Still Doesn't Take Responsibility

Maybe by now you've watched one or both of the documentaries available via streaming service giants Netflix and Hulu about the disastrous Fyre Festival. Rapper Ja Rule played a big part in the early hype for the event, but has been strangely silent on his level of responsibility for the resulting catastrophe and fallout following the[...]

Gamers React To #FyreFestival And It Is Gold

Gamers React To #FyreFestival And It Is Gold

So, Ja Rule's Fyre Festival has managed to unite the entirety of Twitter in mocking rich kids, because rich kids are an easy target, and have made it pretty easy to mock them Sure, they got ripped off, but people live in worse conditions than the tents and poor accommodations of Fyre Festival all the time[...]