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A Priest By Any Other Name
But by James Priest. So what's with the latest change in nomenclature? I asked the man in question He told me, I haven't changed my name again :-) Most people still call me simply "Priest." I agreed with British author Christopher Priest (with whom I share a URL) to use some alternate name (my middle name, "James")[...]
Priest Launches E-Book With Unpublished Quantum & Woody Scripts And 'Combative' History
Writer James Priest, formerly known as Priest, Christopher Priest and Jim Owsley, has published an e-book, Klang! featuring unpublished scripts from the original Quantum & Woody run by Valiant/Acclaim and the original first drafts of his scripts from the more recent revival Q2: The Return of Quantum & Woody series published by Valiant Entertainment. The ebook is available[...]