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Jason Loo's New X-Men Unlimited With Jamie Madrox & Layla Miller
In 2017, comic creator Jason Loo posted a short Multiple Man fanfic story he wrote and drew in 2016, I Can Do It All on Twitter saying "Now that Multiple Man is currently relevant with James Franco, just wanted to bring back this little pitch I did from last year: Multiple Man short told in[...]
Comic Book Workers United
Yield, Michael Christopher Heron, Mark Sable, anker melby larsson, Emma Price, Lauren Beukes, MB Keenan, Zé Burnay, Dorothy Brockgreitens, Sarah Gratton, John Morris Robinson, Anthony Cruz, Brandon Graham, Danielle Rivera, Taylor Hope, Robin Fasel, Shea Fairaday, James Beal, Colleen Tighe, Frankie Amero, Isabel Wilson, Matthew Brown, Francesco Mino Guarino, India Chariton, Emma Vieceli, Sebastian Girner,[...]
Marvel’s Voices: Identity #1 Celebrates Asian Superheroes and Creators
Get ready for some fireworks when Generation X writer Christina Strain and artist Jason Loo catch up with everyone's favorite mutant mallrat Jubilee Greg Pak takes secret agent Jimmy Woo on another hair-raising mission that will mark the Marvel Comics debut of artist Creees Lee Also new to Marvel, artist Lynee Yoshii joins critically acclaimed Maurene Goo[...]
Dark Horse Announces Afterlift Chip Zdarsky/Jeff Lemire Bookplates
The first up is Afterlift, by Chip Zdarsky and Jason Loo, arriving in February. They are also offering a retailer incentive – comic shops that ofter five copies or more of Afterlift will receive five copies or more (up to twenty) of a bookplate by Jeff Lemire and signed by Zdarsky and Loo, to accompany each[...]
Chip Zdarsky and Jason Loo Bring 5-Issue "Afterlift" to ComiXology Originals
At the ComiXology event at San Diego Comic-Con Wednesday, the digital comics publisher announced another original series, this one from writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Jason Loo, along with Paris Alleyne, Aditya Bidikar, and Allison O'Toole Called Afterlift, the book is described as about "a ride share from hell." Bleeding Cool Editor-in-Chief Kaitlyn Booth is at[...]