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Hasbro Celebrates Star Wars With Carnor Jax and Luke Comic Figures
He comes with his dual red lightsabers, and an amazing sculpt that will surely intrigue many fans. We then get a debut of the fan-favorite character Jaxxon from the Star Wars Adventures comic book This humanized bunny is ready for some new adventures and your collection This figure will be hot inside the community, so make[...]
Jaxxon The Rabbit - Still Awful in Star Wars #108 (Spoilers)
Valence the cyborg bounty hunter, Domina Tagge and… Jaxxon The green, rabbit-featured smuggler from Lepi, who so offended George Lucas when he appeared in the comic that it led co-creator and writer Roy Thomas to decide to quit the book And the character has enjoyed a love/hate relationship with fans since As for his appearance[...]
Thursday Morning Runaround – The Return Of Jaxxon
Or, at least, tried to. The crowd surged through central London, pushing over bins, shouting at bemused shoppers and commuters and hitting cars and people with yellow flexible tubes. At one point, they surrounded a man driving a new Mercedes car and sprayed the back of it with an aerosol, pushing their tubes at him as he[...]