In-Hand Look At Hasbro's Star Wars Darth Maul and Jaxxon Figures

Hasbro has been doing something very special this year with their figure line for the 50th Anniversary of Lucasfilm. Celebrating all things Star Wars, we have seen a variety of remarkable figures spanning an assortment of series. We have already received some specially packed figures with Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and The Clone Wars. Although, one of the coolest figure sets they have released is the new comic-book-themed figures that capture the Legends aspect of Star Wars lore. Star Wars: Legends is everything that is non-canon that was created prior to the Disney purchase of Star Wars. A lot of the beloved characters have since been adapted to the new timeline, but many fans still miss those older and legendary stories. Hasbro has brought some of these comics to life in figure form, with two of the hottest being Darth Maul and Jaxxon.

For those unsure of who the green rabbit feature above is, his name is Jaxxon; he is a Lepi smuggler and captain of this ship Rabbit's Foot. He originally debuted back in 1977 with Marvel Comics in Star Wars #8. Since then, he returns to the canon world in the IDW Star Wars Adventures Annual comic from 2018. He has been given a more Bugs Bunny design, but Hasbro stayed true to the history of the figure with their release. As an in-box collector, I dare not open this packaging with some great comic art on the front, back, as well all over the box. With some velcro tabs, Star Wars collectors get to see Jaxxon in all his glory with his spacesuit, realistic designs, and two pistols by his side.

Darth Maul has been a very popular character from the prequel Star Wars series that was so popular he came back from the grave. Darth Maul's history has been all over the place, and Hasbro captured one of his badass Dark Horse moments with their Sith Apprentice figure. Going after the crib organization Black Sun, Maul shows his ruthlessness and shirtless design with this awesome figure. No fabric elements are used, but his red and tattooed body, this figure really stands out in any situation. Darth Maul fans will not want to pass up this amazing figure for their growing Star Wars collection.

It does not seem like Hasbro plans on continuing any of these special Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary figure lines. However, I feel like these Star Wars Legends figures will be a big success if they do. There is a huge fanbase for these Legends characters, and any they release will be an instant hit in the collection world. All four comic book figures (Darth Maul, Jaxxon, Luke Skywalker, and "Carnor Jax") are all selling out pretty fast, but pre-orders are still up here, here, and these figures are defiantly worth the wait. If you need more Star Wars collectibles in your life, then check out or in-hand coverage of the new The Clone Wars Target Exclusive figures here.

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