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Jinder Mahal appears on WWE talk show The Bump ahead of the Backlash PPV.
Mahal says he received a lot of guidance from JBL, whose character he compares to his own. "I asked JBL for advice because he was kinda put in a similar situation where he kinda reinvented himself and became WWE Champion very quickly," Mahal said "His character, his gimmick, was almost like mine in a way, very[...]
Mattel Releasing WWE Elite Red Rooster on Target Online Store Thursday
JBL once wrote on his blog about the origin of the gimmick, and no surprise: it was a rib. The Red Rooster was a rib; they wanted him walking through airports moving his head back and forth like a chicken," Bradshaw wrote "It was a rib from the office to put him in the gimmick to[...]
Again, not to the levels of Season 1, but do you realize even now how many networks and streaming services would kill an intern to have a show on the caliber of Season 2? WWE's John Bradshaw Layfield Retires From Smackdown To Work With At Risk Kids [UPDATED] At the end of the day, I'm never going[...]
corey graves
Though there was some speculation that it could have to do with the bullying controversy with Mauro Ranallo earlier this year, a new report from Sports Illustrated indicates JBL actually put in his notice 11 months ago, in response to a travel dispute WWE likes talent to arrive at TV events a day early, which[...]
renee young
With that in mind, some fans have suggested Renee Young would make a good replacement for JBL. Sad @JCLayfield is leaving #SDLive announcers desk He brought a veteran's authority Time for @ReneeYoungWWE to make a little history…? pic.twitter.com/TpqflLbP01 — Gorilla Position (@WWEGP) September 2, 2017 Young, however, seems to disagree: While I truly appreciate all of the support on[...]
Here Are The Rumored Details Behind Mauro Ranallo's Return To WWE As NXT Commentator
Ranallo previously worked as an announcer on WWE Smackdown Live, but departed the company earlier this year after a rumored bout of bullying by fellow Smackdown Live commentator JBL contributed to a bout of depression for Ranallo, an outspoken advocate for bipolar disorder When announcing their departure, Ranallo made a public statement claiming it had[...]
Mauro Ranallo Returning To WWE On NXT Commentary Team
Former WWE Smackdown Live announcer Mauro Ranallo is returning to the company just months after departing in April in the wake of the JBL bullying scandal Ranallo, who suffers from bi-polar disorder. "WWE and I have mutually agreed to part ways," Ranallo publicly stated at the time "It has nothing to do with JBL." "Admittedly, I took[...]
Mauro Ranallo Leaves WWE, Says "It Has Nothing To Do With JBL", Probably Does
It has nothing to do with JBL," Ranallo told Newsweek by email A WWE spokesperson confirmed Ranallo's exit and said he will remain under contract through August 12. That seems pretty cut and dry, but does not end the story The WWE and especially JBL are still under fire for the latter's alleged bullying of Ranallo[...]
Unfortunate Update: "Old School" Mentality Of Pro Wrestling Needs To Go
No, the big problem to me was and still is JBL, John Bradshaw Layfield One of the last of the "Old School" of backstage wrestlers, he constantly bullied Cole on Raw, and when moved to SmackDown continued to do so to Ranallo This seems to have triggered the latter's bipolar disorder His infractions, as reported[...]
The Shakeout: Ten WWE Stars That, Sadly, Just Need To Go
Her crazy gimmick has potential, but it never got off the ground beyond stealing a soda and wearing JBL's hat You see it pop up sometimes, like in her brief feud with Nia Jax where he served as the perfect established person to put over her dominance after she came to Raw But beyond that,[...]