#RAWAfterMania – WWE Announcers Claim Boos All In Good Fun, Signaling One More Year Of Making Roman Look Strong


Ah, that time-honored tradition!

Every year, on RAW After WrestleMania Day, pro wrestling fans anxiously await the signal that will determine whether they can expect a long-overdueRoman Reigns heel turn, or another year of endless attempts to get him over as a fan favorite. Last year, the forecast relied on John Bradshaw Layfield, who, rather than seeing the shadow of animosity looming over the company due to the crowd's rejection of Reigns as an underdog babyface, declared that fans were booing the wrestlers they normally cheer and cheering the wrestlers they normally boo as a lark, adding, "I love it MAGGLE!"

Sadly, JBL wasn't around to give the prediction this year.

No, he didn't die. Worse. He was moved to Smackdown.

Instead, it was Punxsutawney Corey Graves who claimed that fans were only booing Reigns as some kind of prank, after Raw opened with ten straight minutes of fans chanting expletives at the wrestler. "Roman sucks!" fans chanted inside the Amway Center in Orlando. "F*** you, Roman," they added. "Shut the f*** up. Go away."

"It's all in good funs," Corey Graves told viewers, lying through his teeth.

Looks like we can look forward to another year of Roman Reigns overcoming the odds and being made to look strong. Better luck next #RAWAfterMania.

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