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Joe Madueira, Jenny Frison, & Artgerm Join I HATE FAIRYLAND
And on his Substack newsletter he has announced them to great excitement, Joe Madureira, Jenny Frison and Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau. Cover E by JOE MADUREIRA, Diamond Order Code JUL229385 1 Joe Madureira "Flashback to 1996 when my best friend Cory and I, two 19 year old comic nerds, drove from Tennessee to Illinois to visit my family and attend[...]
Auto Draft
Today? Twenty covers from Jenny Frison I wonder why Mirka was so stingy? The next variant covers from Jenny Frison as part of the deal will be available in September on We Only Find Them When They're Dead #1 and An Unkindness of Ravens #1 This will be followed in October by variant covers to Something[...]
DC Collectibles Feb Collage
This statue incorporates demonic and otherworldly elements, including a serrated cape, skeletal feet and a vampiric bat symbol, and will stand out on any shelf or collection. Limited to 5,000 pieces Individually numbered Statue measures 8.77″ tall Allocations may occur Final products may differ from image shown Approximately 4 units per carton ON SALE JULY 2019 $80.00 US DC DESIGNER SERIES: WONDER WOMAN BY[...]
A Return to Wonder – Wonder Woman #14 Review
Cover by Jenny Frison With this latest instalment in the DC Rebirth Wonder Woman series, we return to the finale of Greg Rucka, Nicola Scott and Romulo Fajardo Jr.'s Year One story, presented us with a revised origin to the character in the current DC Universe. And frankly, it feels like a return for the character. Let me[...]
Writer's Commentary – Genevieve Valentine On Xena: Warrior Princess #3
Cover is by Jenny Frison, with interiors by Ariel Medel. So, the general tenor of this arc is on the more dramatically subdued end of the Xena scale (The Xena scale is a 1-to-10 slider, with a 1 being every time somebody dies so hard an emotionally ravaged soulmate must go retrieve them in the afterlife,[...]
Writer 2 Writer: Genevieve Valentine And David Avallone Part 2
Art for this article is by Jenny Frison (cover) and Ariel Medel (interiors). DAVID AVALLONE: Is the "25 years later" something you came up with? And if so, what was the thinking behind it? GENEVIEVE VALENTINE: That was the show! It catapulted them into the future at the beginning of Season 6 (so they'd be running into a grown version[...]
Genevieve Valentine Talks Xena: Warrior Princess
Covers are by Jenny Frison and Tony Fleecs. BYRON BREWER: Genevieve, just one issue in and as #2 approaches in May, this magazine certainly seems to be capturing the flavor of the TV show Is this your first adaptation of a well-known TV property? What challenges does that present the writer? GENEVIEVE VALENTINE: It is! I think[...]
Vampirella Gets A Fried Pie Look, Thanks To Books-A-Million And Jenny Frison
Dynamite seem to have had a habit of hiring staff who didn't make the move west, indeed they seem to currently make a majority of employees at the New Jersey publisher. That kind of appointment can't help but draw attention to the publisher, with James Bond, Brickleberry, Bob's Burgers and Grumpy Cat comics joining the likes[...]
Jenny Frison Covers Will Eisner's The Spirit For ComiXology
Artist Jenny Frison was asked to do an exclusive cover for ComiXology's SDCC exclusive Will Eisner's The Spirit Here we get to see the different roughs she came up with before choosing a final version and making an awesome cover Interesting to see she had almost everything already in mind just changed how much of[...]
Wizard World Chicago – Where Did All The Artists Go?
Scott Campbell, Humberto Ramos, Ken Rocafort, etc. But walking through artist alley this year, the Big 3 published artist selection is pretty slim. Yes, Mike Zeck is there and he is awesome.  And yes Lienel Yu is there and his artwork is incredible, and yes, some up and coming artists like Adelso Corona, Eddie Nunez, and Jenny[...]