Jeryn Hogarth

Carrie-Anne Moss To Appear In Marvel's Iron Fist

Along with the other announcements, they tell us that Carrie-Anne Moss who played Jeryn Hogarth on Marvel's Jessica Jones will also be appearing in Marvel's Iron Fist This shouldn't be too surprising to comic fans as the original character of Jeryn Hogarth came from the Iron Fist comic series where he became the executor of Wendell[...]

NYCC '15: Marvel Jessica Jones' Tie To Iron Fist

The former Matrix star will be playing Jeryn Hogarth, a lawyer who worked for Wendell Rand, father of Danny Rand / Iron Fist Hogarth became executor of the Rand estate Upon Danny's return from K'un-Lun, Hogarth hired Misty Knight and Colleen Wing to contact Iron Fist and verify who he was.Hogarth helped Danny get his[...]