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“The Day Shall Come” is Chris Morris’ Return to Ruthless Satire [Review]

"The Day Shall Come" is Chris Morris' Return to Ruthless Satire [Review]

Co-writer Jesse Armstrong sprinkles the script with darkly comic dialogue you’ll recognise from his HBO show Succession.Chris Morris doesn’t want you to feel good He wants you to laugh and come out with your eyes open.The Day Shall Come is now playing in select theatres and on VOD in the US[...]

First Official Image From New Doctor Who Shoot, More Cast Announced

We're currently expecting the first episode to air in November, though absolutely nothing official has been said and, for all we know, nothing official has been signed off on.But when we do know, you'll know.*Yes, a spoof of telenovela-style melodramas from Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong the writers of Peep Show Wow And it's got[...]

Trailer For Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror – "Cult TV Event Of The Year"

We've seen episode 1 of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror, and spoken to the man himself about it. It's pretty angry stuff, and funny with it. The first trailer gives a good hint of how Brooker himself fits into this "contemporary spin on The Twilight Zone," a horror with black comedy about our media-saturated information age. […]

Jim Carrey Vs. Steve Carell In The Magicians At War Picture, Burt Wonderstone

I don't know if you ever saw Magicians with David Mitchell and Robert Webb, and written by Peep Show creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong? It was one of my preferred "illusionist" pictures from that recent wave which included The Prestige, The Illusionist and. er.. The Illusionist The other one.Some of what worked in Magicians[...]

A Very Big List Of Casting Updates

No news on whether Kel will be joining him yet...And finally, two bits of TV casting news: the first (via, is that UK comedian, and panel-show regular Jack Whitehall is set to join the cast of Channel 4's new student sitcom Fresh Meat, written by Peep Show creators Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, who also[...]