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4 #0 by Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton with cover by Phillip Tan: Beginning a new and VERY different direction! Vampirella was last spotted in 2016 doing what she does best-defending the world from threats both mystic and evil She hasn't been seen since Now, over a thousand years later, she's poised to make her fateful return, but the world that awaits[...]
Writer's Commentary – Paul Cornell Talks Vampirella #5
This issue has a cover by Philip Tan and art by Jimmy Broxton. This is it! You've gotten to see the Great Beyond, meet the fellow who's running it, and savor the world as we don't know it that feeds into everything! Now it's time for Vampi to do something that will change… well, everything! The[...]
Paul Cornell
Our newest writer's commentary comes from Paul Cornell as he talks about Vampirella #4 from Dynamite that he did with Jimmy Broxton Cover art by Philip Tan Paul doesn't give us any set up, he just dives right into the first page… so here we go. Page 1: These are difficult pages to draw This issue was[...]
Writer's Commentary – Paul Cornell On Vampirella #2
Writer Paul Cornell and artist Jimmy Broxton bring you the second (do you count Zero Issues?) installment of Vampirella's latest adventure Here we have a writer's commentary by Cornell for the issue Here's what's going down (from the solicit): Welcome to Los Angeles in the year three thousand and something! You thought La-La Land was[...]
Is Paul Cornell Having Vampirella Go Through A Mid-Life Crisis?
With the relaunch of Vampirella and the 90K plus order #0 issue by Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton, I thought I would follow up last months interview with a quick few questions about the first issue Reading over Cornell's answers, it almost seems like Vampirella is having a mid-life crisis She's drastically changing her style[...]
Vampirella #0 Hits Over 80,000 Orders… And That Seems Low
Dynamite has followed up their 25 cent zero issue of Red Sonja with a 25 cent zero issue of Vampirella by Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton And where Vampirella has pulled in over 80,000 pre-orders through Diamond Distributors, that's well under the 110,000 orders that Red Sonja got Now this could be a blessing for[...]
Paul Cornell To Write Vampirella For Dynamite, Reuniting With Jimmy Broxton
Cornell re-teams with artist Jimmy Broxton (Doctor Who) for the series. "I'm delighted to be writing a Vampirella that takes onboard everything she's been and moves it forward into a new setting, where the gothic meets science fiction," says writer Paul Cornell "I'm also delighted to be working again with my old friends, the incredibly talented[...]
Guy Adams And Jimmy Broxton's Goldtiger To Be Published By 2000AD (UPDATE)
Goldtiger was a Kickstartered comic book project by Guy Adams and Jimmy Broxton that… kinda disappeared A fictitiously revived exploitation comic book strip, we last wrote about it back in February 2013. In June 2015, they updated, saying We have a publisher willing to help spread the crazy love that is Goldtiger. For now, we can't give details (or[...]
IDW And BBC End Doctor Who Deal With The 50th Anniversary Comics
This oversize issue will be written by fan-favorite Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell and features art by Jimmy Broxton. In this special one-shot story, a strange force flings the TARDIS and the Doctor into our own universe! Once here, the Doctor encounters a 10-year-old girl who happens to be a huge fan of the Doctor Who[...]
Sean Phillips – The Collection And The Controversy
Just look at his face. I have been made aware of correspondence between appointed judges for the British Fantasy Awards, including one Jimmy Broxton We know him of old. Initial correspondence regarding the shortlist nominees for Best Fantasy Artist were considered lacking by James and some others, and representative of nefarious practices following the rules, James suggested[...]
Carla Speed McNeil Joins Alex De Campi's Ashes
Alex De Campi reports in the latest update to her Kickstarter-sourced graphic novel Ashes that caused considerable fuss earlier this year when De Campi fired the comic's co-creator James Hodgkins/Jimmy Broxton off the book. He was replaced by a series of name artists, including Igor Kordey who had drawn the original Smoke book, to which Ashes[...]
Dust To Dust – Jimmy Broxton's Final Words On Ashes
  Jimmy Broxton/James Hodgkins has written to Bleeding Cool, regarding Alex De Campi's statement on Kickstarter on the situation with the graphic novel Ashes. I have made my position clear and outlined the facts of this unfortunate situation Alex has a wildly different interpretation of events, and says some very harsh things about me, things I naturally[...]
Alex De Campi Responds To Jimmy Broxton Over Ashes Kickstarter
  Bleeding Cool first told you about the irrevocable differences that emerged between Alex De Campi and Jimmy Broxton/James Hodgkins over the successfuly funded Kickstarter comic, Ashes, a sequel to Alex De Campi and Igor Kordey's comic Smoke. It appears that it was, indeed, artistic differences that drove the two apart, but exactly what and why seem[...]
Smoke Sequel Preview – Ashes by Alex De Campi
A sequel series called Ashes, written by De Campi, drawn by James Hodgkins/Jimmy Broxton And here is your first look at pages The book is currently with a number of publishers for consideration… UPDATE: Images now removed by request. Smoke was a comic series by Alex De Campi and Igor Kordey that came out from IDW[...]
Preview: Spirit Of Hope
I've written a short one page piece with artist Mike Collins for the upcoming Spirit Of Hope anthology from Comic Book Alliance, to raise money for victims of the earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand. Edited by Alan Cowsill, Spirit of Hope has two covers, one by Jimmy Broxton, the other by Mike Allred Creators involved[...]
SCOOP: Just Who In The World Is Jimmy Broxton?
So, artist Jimmy Broxton is starting to get more attention with his upcoming work on Knight & Squire with Paul Cornell And will be making his "first official UK comic convention appearance" at the British International Comic Show in a few weeks The show's bio of him seems to be very coy; The elusive Jimmy Broxton… He[...]