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Grant Morrison Writer 12-Part Story For Ahoy Comics' Project Cryptid
Captain Ginger: The Last Feeder #1 will feature the final chapter in November, and act as a fifth-anniversary volume for the publisher, and the comic. Other comic book stories in the anthology from Ahoy will feature comedic stories about cryptids from around the world from the depths of Loch Ness to the wilds of the Yeti's[...]
Joe Illidge Quits Heavy Metal Magazine, Talks To Bleeding Cool
At the time, I was told that Heavy Metal Executive Editor Joe Illidge had also left the company But when asking him directly, it was something he denied, insisting he was just on holiday I held off running the story, with the proviso that we would return to it in the New Year Something we[...]
Joe Illidge
Joe Illidge, Executive Editor of Heavy Metal Magazine subtweeted out last week, and got a little attention, saying; "Imagine in 2021, a panel on Blackness in Comics, with a group of White men and no Black people Now imagine a comic book like that." Joe Illidge, courtesy of Valiant What was Joe Illidge talking about? Well, he[...]
Access Guide to the Black Comic Book Community 2020-2021 Review
RATING: BUY. Access Guide to the Black Comic Book Community 2020-2021 By Dimitrios Fragiskatos, Joe Illidge, George Carmona the 3rd The questions of who, what, where, when, and why are the basic foundations of journalistic and research endeavors The Access Guide To the Black Comic Book Community is a new sourcebook to provide answers for comic book fans, old[...]
DC Comics Publishing Numbers Will Be Cut From 20-25%
Twenty years ago, I interviewed then-DC Editor Joe Illidge as he departed DC Comics I couldn't help recall aspects of that interview reading Travis Clark's interview with former editors Harvey Richards and Lateef Ade "LA" Williams, who tell Business Insider that they never achieved their full potential at DC Comics because of their race Williams[...]
EXCLUSIVE ART: Joe Illidge and Hannibal Tabu headline MPLS Sound from Humanoids
Veteran comics editor Joe Illidge (Milestone, Valiant, A Wave Blue World) and writer Hannibal Tabu (2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt, 2019 City of Los Angeles Cultural Trailblazer) joined together to create a journey through a formative time in American musical history. Publisher's Weekly revealed some details about a new original graphic novel from Humanoids called MPLS[...]
Lisa Y Wu and Joe Illidge Hired in Senior Roles at A Wave Blue World Comics
Wu as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Joe Illidge as Editorial Director. Lisa Y Wu is best known in comics as Director of Retailer Relations at AfterShock Comics, but also worked in marketing for for Saga Communications and Dave & Busters. Joe Illidge is well known to comic book folk across decades, for working at[...]
Joe Illidge Explains Post-Valiant Future in Most Polite Open Letter Ever
Following his departure from Valiant Entertainment earlier this week, news which was first reporter by Bleeding Cool (pip pip), Joe Illidge has explained what he plans to do next in what will probably go down in history as the nicest "open letter to the industry" ever published by anyone in any industry Normally, when one[...]
Bleeding Cool's 31 Best Interviews Of 2014
1 Free With Joe Illidge: (by Nikolai Fomich) Love, Crime, History And Art – Joseph Illidge Talks The Ren, A Tale of the Harlem Renaissance With Kieron Gillen: (by Rich Johnston) Talking To Kieron Gillen About His New Darth Vader Comic For Marvel's Star Wars Line With Scott Snyder: 'The Wytches Are Just There Waiting They Are Waiting For[...]
All The Rage: Talking To Joe Illidge
All The Rage: Talking To Joe Illidge First published on October 9th, 2000. Joe Illidge was an Associate Editor on the Batman group of comics at DC Earlier this year, as part of the infamous article Bad Mood Rising, I wrote about his demotion from the Bat-books Details were sketchy; all I heard was that he[...]