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The Great Debate Exclusive Clip: SYFY Wire Takes Us Behind the Scenes

The Great Debate Exclusive Clip: SYFY Wire Takes Us Behind the Scenes

What’s a more monstrous monster, Zombies or Vampires? I mean, who hasn’t had that discussion around the watercooler? The conversations you have with your friends and family, that don’t involve politics.[caption id="attachment_1219861" align="aligncenter" width="600"] THE GREAT DEBATE -- Episode 107: Baron Vaughn, Maude Garrett, Ify Nwadiwe, Jonah Ray, Matt Kirshen (Image: Richie Knapp/SYFY)[/caption]Hosted by comedian[...]

Pooka Lives Proves A Sequel Can Be Better Than The Original [REVIEW]

"Pooka Lives" Proves A Sequel Can Be Better Than The Original [REVIEW]

He moves in with his friends (Jonah Ray, Felicia Day) and hangs out with long-time friends (Gavin Stenhouse, Lyndie Greenwood) During one of the hangouts, they create the "Pooka Challenge" to mess with the internet bullies that won't leave Derrick alone What they don't know is that the challenge summons multiple murderous versions of Pooka,[...]

Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Gauntlet: A Cheesy Marathon of Mayhem (REVIEW)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 'The Gauntlet": A Cheesy Marathon of Mayhem (REVIEW)

Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) have long claimed Thanksgiving as a day for their show, dating back to turkey-day marathons on previous channels. With Netflix successfully rebooting the series, they delivered a brand-new experience to fans this past weekend of six new episodes designed to be binged in what was called as "The Gauntlet." Jonah […]

The Weekly Static S01E15: Harley Happy Walkers And More

The Weekly Static S01E15: Harley, Happy!, Walkers, And More!

I'm the king of recap, there is none higher, so sucker MC's should probably call me "sire." To burn my kingdom, you must use fire, but I won't stop rockin' till…The Weekly Static! Now while I work on getting my cockles up to a respectable level of warmth, take a minute to check out your… […]

Netflix Renews MST3K For Season 2 – Were Getting More Movie Sign

Netflix Renews MST3K For Season 2 – We're Getting More Movie Sign!

That's great news for MST3K fans, who are set to be treated to a twelfth season of the series in the "not-too-distant future.For Jonah Ray's Jonah Heston, Tom Servo (voice of Baron Vaughn), Crow T Robot (voice of Hampton Yount) and Gypsy (voice of Rebecca Hanson), this means another season trapped on the Satellite of Love,[...]

Amazon Channels Adventure Time With Animated Original Danger &#038 Eggs

Amazon Channels 'Adventure Time' With Animated Original 'Danger & Eggs'

The animated series stars Aidy Bryant and Eric Knobel, and guest stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, Kate Micucci, Stephanie Beatriz, Angelica Ross, Jazz Jennings, and Jasika Nicole.The official description of the show's first season reads: "In this new Amazon Original Series, Danger & Eggs, fearless D.D Danger is always chasing her next big thrill but luckily[...]

Meltdown With Jonah And Kumail Comes To An End

Meltdown With Jonah And Kumail Comes To An End

The series is shot documentary style and starred Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani and have included guests like: Jim Gaffigan, Chris Hardwick, Michael Ian Black, Marc Maron, Garfunkel and Oates, Paul Sheer, Nick Offerman and Weird Al Yankovic. But it wasn't the network that pulled the plug The live show has been going on for six years[...]