Amazon Channels 'Adventure Time' With Animated Original 'Danger & Eggs'

On June 30th, Amazon Prime will unleash its newest show, quirky animated comedy Danger & Eggs, to the world. All 13 episodes of Season 1 will be available in both the US and the UK simultaneously. The animated series stars Aidy Bryant and Eric Knobel, and guest stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, Kate Micucci, Stephanie Beatriz, Angelica Ross, Jazz Jennings, and Jasika Nicole.

The official description of the show's first season reads:

"In this new Amazon Original Series, Danger & Eggs, fearless D.D. Danger is always chasing her next big thrill but luckily for her, Phillip, her giant talking egg friend, is always there by her side with his jerry-rigged safety mechanisms to make her daring dreams come true. Together, they go in search of new adventures at their favorite spot, Chicken Paw Park."

The show's pilot, appropriately titled "Danger & Eggs", came out in 2015. It introduces viewers to D.D. Danger and Phillip, who are planning another exciting Saturday. Their plans go to heck when D.D. realizes the city is about to demolish the park's water slide, and she must conquer it. You can check it out for free via Amazon right here.

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The episode is quick at 11 minutes long. It reminds me heavily of Adventure Time or Gumball in terms of sheer weirdness, but the characters are fleshed out well. Phillip deals with the anxiety of being abandoned by his friends, paired with the fact that, of course, he could literally crack at any time — because he's an egg. There's a lot riding on his own personal safety, but he puts it aside to help D.D., who also realizes the error of her ways in putting her best friend at risk. She understands and respects that Phillip needs to feel safe and secure, and shows that she will try to do better for him next time.

The animation is smart and fun, with sharp lines and bright, bold colors. Some scenes in the episode remind me of the Small World ride in the Disney parks, which is both eerie and cool. Lead character designer Mike Owens has made some unique and fun characters, which is a hard feat in today's animation landscape. Be sure to catch the entire season June 30th, only on Amazon!

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