"Pulp Characters Are Irresistible For A Lot Of Us" – Corinna Bechko On Miss Fury

Corinna Bechko talks about Miss Fury Vol 2 #2, on sale in May from Dynamite. Cover A is by Tula Lotay. Cover B is by Jonathan Lau.

MissFury201602CovALotay (1)BYRON BREWER: Corinna, are you one of the many writers who have a special love for the pulps – characters like Miss Fury? And if so, why?

CORINNA BECHKO: Pulp characters are irresistible for a lot of us, and I think part of the reason is the romance inherent to their origins. They sprang from mass-market entertainment, but their creators were often (not always, of course, but enough of the time for it to matter) reaching for something more lasting and meaningful. The result is fast-paced, action-filled stories with transcendent flashes of cultural commentary, interesting ideas, and ambiguous heroics that highlight the nature of the human condition. As a writer of comics and genre fiction I love this about them, and have found a lot of inspiration in their pages.

BB: Who is Miss Fury, in your perspective as the writer, and what about her makes Miss Fury a character worth exploring?

CB: I love her independence. She has a strong sense of who she is, and she doesn't hesitate to express it. If part of that means dressing in a costume to right wrongs, she's not going to shrink from that. But at the same time she doesn't feel like she knows everything, even about herself, and is willing to admit that.

BB: Can you give us any non-spoilery hints about the mystery Marla is involved in here?

MissFury201602CovBLau (1)CB: There are two mysteries she's exploring, which will dovetail as we get deeper into the story. The first seems at first straight forward: who broke into her office to steal the plans to the ship she's been working on? The second is more complex: what is inside her that gives such stamina and strength? As the series progresses she'll learn that neither answer is as simple as she hoped, and she'll have to decide if she's willing to accept that there may be more to the world itself than meets the eye.

BB: As issue #2 approaches in May, can you let us in on any new characters or situations that may be coming our way?

CB: Miss Fury (Marla to her friends, of course) will learn a great deal about how the theft was accomplished, and just how ruthless the people who carried it out can be. We'll see more of New York too, including a fashionable party at a Long Island mansion where things get more than a little out of hand. And of course Marla'll get to kick butt. Some of it human, and some of it… Not.

BB: How does it feel to be working with artist Jonathan Lau?

CB: I'm thrilled to work with Jonathan! The first time I saw the art for issue #1 I gasped, it looked so good. He really pays attention to the period details, and he stages the action just beautifully. The result is a mood and atmosphere that feels very authentic. In short, I couldn't be happier that Dynamite paired us up!

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