Is This Metropolis? Or Gotham? Action Comics Spoilers…

In today's Action Comics, part of the DC You refreshment, we see an low powered Superman traveling the USA. And finding a rather intolerant place towards him, after Lois Lane's exclusive scoop.

a1 a2

The one in which she outed Clark Kent and Superman as being one and the same. Even Midnighter had heard something about that in today's Midnighter #1.

Scan 22

But how will Metropolis react to him now?

a3Well his old neighbourhood has become a bit of a no-go zone. And as for that outing…

a4Yes, they're not too happy with him. Well, the police, the authorities and the things that is. His neighbours? Not so much.

a5And the kids are alright.

a6See? the kids are alright about that sort of thing. No fear, no prejudice, no bigotry, no whipping it all up for political purposes. No, you can leave that to the authorities…

a8Is this Metropolis? Or is it Gotham?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, who will be hosting Mike Carey this Satiurday for a signing and delivering a commentary for The Unwritten.


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