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Ryan Reynolds Shares New ADORABLE 'Pokémon: Detective Pikachu' Teaser

Ryan Reynolds Trolls 'Pokémon" Detective Pikachu' Movie on YouTube

Pictures to the clip via Twitter.https://twitter.com/VancityReynolds/status/1125886792627118080The video, titled “POKÉMON Detective Pikachu – Full Movie,  shows the first 36 seconds of the film with studio credits and a descending shot of Ryme City down to focus on Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) As he turns towards the camera, it switches to Pikachu (Reynolds) doing a looped dance[...]

Ryan Reynolds Did A LOT of "Research" for 'Pokémon: Detective Pikachu'

Star Ryan Reynolds and co took the film super seriously, despite the children's animated series source material.While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Reynolds, co-star Justice Smith, and director Rob Letterman expounded a bit on their positions within the Pokémon legacy."You’re sort of grappling with this beast," Reynolds began "There’s a reason that Pokémon’s been a worldwide cultural phenomenon[...]

Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom Review – Well, at Least it Has Dinosaurs

Their companions (Daniella Pineda and Justice Smith) try really hard, but Pineda is the only one who succeeds at all -- Smith may be the most annoying character in the franchise.Part of that is the script's fault It is all just cliché-ridden and predictable, and the only surprise is one that feels completely forced in[...]

Justice Smith Will Star In The Pokemon Detective Pikachu Film

Justice Smith has landed the starring role in the upcoming live-action Detective Pikachu film It will be the first ever live-action Pokemon film The film has a script by Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch, and will be directed by Rob Letterman As of now there is no known release date for the film. Justice Smith gained[...]