Kamandi Challenge

Frank Millers Cover For Kamandi Challenge #12

Frank Miller's Cover For Kamandi Challenge #12

DC Comics are to publish the final issue of their Kamandi Challenge project, with randomly paired teams creating an exquisite corpse of a comic book story And with the last issue teaming Gail Simone and Ryan Sook, with one of the late Len Wein's last stories with Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, it will also be accompanied by a cover[...]

Dan DiDio On Putting Together The Kamandi Challenge

Dan DiDio On Putting Together The Kamandi Challenge

DC All-Access host Jason Inman interviewed DC's Co-publisher Dan Didio about the Kamandi Challenge, how creators were chosen and how teams were picked Yes.. it actually involved pulling names from a hat.https://youtu.be/c1hcjcSQvkc One of the most beloved and often clamored for Jack Kirby creations is Kamandi: the Last Boy on Earth[...]